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Happy Belated Birthday to the HTC VIVE! The Vive was released one year ago yesterday and it is time for a celebration.

The fun of VR is to put yourself INTO the game. To get an immersive experience that lets you be part of the action. And hey, immersing yourself into situations outside your every day life sounds like a good way to celebrate a birthday!

So let’s look at the three Degica Games on sale in VR this week!


It’s time to be awesome at the biggest sport in the world, with Head It!

Your teammate has set you up, and all you have to do is get your head in the game. Be loved and adored by the fans as you get goal after goal. The world of soccer is yours for 50% off, so don’t let that goalie stop your shot!

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Or maybe, it is time to show off your mastery of the Japanese art of the sword in Samurai Sword VR. Dash through beautiful scenery as you cut down your foes.

Less an honoable Samurai and more an underhanded ninja? Then instead master the 2 kunai/shuriken only levels. Either way, you can see the world of Japan surround you, for 50% off.

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And what is the best thing you can do to celebrate? Break stuff! And as it is in the virtual world and not reality, there is no mess, no cleanup, just pure unbridled joy at watching stuff get knocked down in Destroyer!

Ancient ruins float in the sky, why they are there? Who cares, let’s tear it all down! Embrace your inner child and throw things at it until it all comes down for 50% off!

No matter which game you get, let’s all celebrate the success of the Vive by immersing ourselves in a whole virtual world of fun!

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