Last day of the Steam Autumn Sale: Spotlight KOGADO STUDIO

The Steam Autumn Sale is coming to an end, but you still have a chance to cash in on the discounts!

The sales cover nearly every game in Degica’s catalog, but today, let’s focus on the visual novels by KOGADO STUDIO!

First up, we have Nurse Love Addiction!

You play as Asuka Osachi, a carefree, ditzy girl who floats through life as she starts nursing school. There, she will find challenges, love, and maybe why she wanted to be a nurse in the first place

Float your way headfirst into nursing school for 55% off!

Our second game from KOGADO STUDIO is Symphonic Rain.

In Piova, the city of music and endless rain, Chris Vertin arrives to attend the Piova Communal School of Music. He left behind his rural home and his girlfriend, will he be able to learn enough to be the musician he dreamed of becoming.

Pick your way through this fantastic Visual Novel/Rhythm game hybrid for 30% off!

Or perhaps you are interested in both? Buy the bundle to get an additional 10% off! But remember, all these deals end tomorrow, act now!

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