Senko no Ronde 2: Backstory


The year is 1486 S.D.

1,486 years since a great catastrophe left Earth unable to sustain human life, so we spread to the stars.

We live in huge colonies orbiting the Earth and Moon.

The development of huge mechs known as Rounders has revolutionized life in space. With them, we were able to accomplish things we never thought possible.

rounder (1)

Things were looking up for humanity, but then two years ago, political unrest began. A terrorist attack occurred in the Arria Federation, a WMD disappeared.

The rest of the Federation became aware of the weapon the Arria Federation had possessed, a weapon that violated international law.

We thought Luchino Narukami was the answer. He was young, charismatic, a beacon of change, a victim like the rest of us. He promised a new age.

Then, Harmonia. A colony within the Arria Federation bursts into armed conflict. Rumor circulates that Narukami orchestrated the fight.

Where we’ll go from here, is where your story begins…

Senko no Ronde 2, Coming to Steam in 2017!

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