Prepare for the Invasion: Space Invaders hits Steam Feb 12th

Forty years ago, the world was in grave danger. The invasion had hit arcades, and it was only through the skills of players around the world putting up high scores that the Space Invaders were repelled.

Now, they have returned, more advanced, more evolved. Are you a veteran of the first invasion? Are your skills still up to the task? Or perhaps the first invasion happened long before you were born. Will you step up to take the place of the veterans who have moved on?

Get to your Cannons, Taito’s Space Invaders Extreme arrives February 12th!

Compete with players around the world with the online arcade mode leaderboards!

Master your aim to take down four enemies of the same color in a row to unleash powerful weapons.

Faceoff against massive enemy bosses.

Hone your skills. Defend the Earth. Show these Space Invaders they’ll never make it to the ground!

Pick up Space Invaders Extreme on Steam, February 12th!

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