Coming Soon: Castle of Shikigami

That’s right, the next shmup release from Degica Games will be Castle of Shikigami!

Congrats to @AlbertZero on Twitter and Michael Anderson on Facebook for figuring it out in our Mystery Clue contest! And after only one clue, too! They’ll each get a key for the game for their amazing prognostication.

So what is Castle of Shikigami?

A bizarre string of serial murders has occurred in Japan. Each victim was killed slowly, over an entire day. The 32nd victim has just been found. And you are going to stop it. Via mystical powers and shoot’em up gameplay. (There are very few problems in video games that can’t be solved this way.) Each of the playable characters has their own unique shooting mechanics while sharing the tension system, which rewards risky play with stronger shots.

Castle of Shikigami has never gotten a proper EN release, with only a PS2 release redubbed Mobile Light Force 2 with all the story pulled out making it outside of Japan, so this will be the first time ever that you can experience the full game in English! And with all six characters having a separate story, that is a lot that you were missing out on.

Be on the lookout for more info about Castle of Shikigami in the coming weeks!

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