Bullet Soul Infinite Burst, Caravan Mode Loop Guide!

Our friends over at Mages have released the updated Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst on Steam! We here at Degica are super excited about this release and have been competing with the prerelease version in Caravan Mode for the last couple of months. And lucky for you, we have all that experience, because we’re working with Mages to have a Caravan Mode Contest to celebrate the release.


So, I’m going to share my knowledge that got me to breaking 500 million in this mode (and beating those other two in the Degica office).

You are going to want to use Loop for score. She is by far the best character for pushing those points up as high as possible.

You have two shots with Loop. A wide shot, and a focus shot.

The focus shot will be used more often, but you will need to know when to switch. (Quicktip: The focus shot button takes priority over the wide shot, because of this, I hold down both buttons, and just release focus shot to switch shots. This makes switching shots completely seamless.)

You should also remember that during focus shot, you are going to move slower, this means that if you need to do a quick dodge, you will need to switch to your wide shot.


So first, let’s look at the wide shot. This one is pretty simple, it does a decent amount of damage, it spreads pretty far, and an extra bonus, the bits that are thrown from the side actually go a little bit behind you. This can be a big bonus, and you will see why when we get to the multiplier mechanics further down.

And next is the focus shot. The focus shot shoots a beam directly in front of you that does good damage, but what REALLY does a little of damage are those swinging fists. You need to get in close to enemies to take advantage of that damage, but you’ll likely be close in because of the multiplier mechanics anyway, so that is good. They also swing pretty far to the side and slightly behind you during the swings, this is useful because you can actually use them to take out an enemy directly behind you if you position correctly. Focus shot also launches homing missiles, which are useful for taking out a few stragglers outside of the shots standard spread (which is basically only right around your ship and straight forward).

This covers all the attacks so now, let’s look at the major thing that is going to make or break your score: The multiplier.


This little bar right here.

This bar goes up every single time you kill an enemy, every time it fills it adds 1 to your score multiplier. Every bit of score you get is multiplied by that multiplier before being added to your score. So what we need to do is make that thing go up as fast as possible. And the way we do this is playing hyper aggressive.

Some people think that point blanking is how you make it go up faster, but that is not the case, the multiplier bar goes up faster based on how high you are on the screen when you get the kill. So in order to get the best multiplier possible, you need to hug the top of the screen as much as you can. In fact, the first time I broke 400 million, I didn’t even concern myself with dying, only with killing as fast as possible and as high on the screen as possible.


Because of the need to be so high up on the screen for score, you are not going to get a ton of reaction time, which means that to get a good score, high levels of memorization are going to be needed. Luckily in two minutes, there is only so much you have to memorize, unfortunately, though, there is one thing that can throw a wrench in this:

How fast you take out waves, can cause additional waves to show up that wouldn’t be there normally. This means, as you get better and better, you’ll have to change what you’ve memorized slightly as you get used to an additional wave here or there added between other waves. It isn’t a big deal, but it is something to be aware of (and it is very useful for boosting up that multiplier bar!).

Now, the next thing you want to look out for is mystery bonuses. These are small green spots on the ground, blowing them up will give you points! Try your best to catch them all.


Another opportunity for scoring is on the minibosses. Depending on how quickly you kill things, you will face between 3-5 miniboss points, of 1 of 3 types. Each one of these has 1 or more special bonuses.

The first type is these:


They have one special bonus: Kill them at the same time to receive the bonus.

Next, we have this:


The special bonus on this type is simple, kill it before it fully forms to receive it. In order to do this,  you’ll need to use your focus shot from about midscreen.

And lastly we have this pair:


This one you can get a total of three special bonuses. One is, like with the first boss type, killing both at the same time will award you points. On top of this, you can get one special bonus per miniboss in the pair from destroying the outside triangle pieces before destroying the central core.

And then, one last way to score: If you die 0, 1, or 2 times, you will get an additional amount of bonus points at the end of your run, with the fewer deaths you have giving you more and more score.

So, putting this all together, here are your main tips for a high score:

  1. Be aggressive! As both killing things faster AND being high on the screen helps your score, you want to be as aggressive as possible.
  2. Be aware of your shot types. Spread can be used to hit things directly to the left and right of you, and even slightly behind, focus can hit things near you all the way around your ship.
  3. Memorize the stage. Because of the aggressive gameplay necessary you will need to react to things BEFORE they are on the screen.
  4. Know when to back up a bit: Sometimes because of that end bonus from lives, you will need to back up slightly for a bit of survivability, know when the best time to do that is.
  5. Make sure to know all the special bonuses for minibosses.
  6. Be on the look out for mystery bonus spots!
  7. Have fun!

Good luck with the Caravan Score Contest, hopefully this guide helps!

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