Find the Games You Love in the Degica Games Steam Valentine’s Sale!


It is the time of year for Love. And we of course, have a love for a great many people and a great many games.

We, of course, love our wonderful fans, and this makes it the perfect time to share with you the splendid games we love. So, let cupid find your heart with one of the games below, or one of the many others for sale.

And be sure to check out our giveaway, and visit every day for more ways to enter!


And if there is one thing we know we love, it is mass destruction. And with Copy Kitty, that is what you can unleash. With the ability to combine the powers of your enemies, you end up with more ways to electrocute, burn, explode, or just knock enemies silly than you can shake a stick at!

Get it now for 25% off, and be prepared to enjoy the giant new content update coming this week!


The boys and girls of Kokurase are prepared to swing into action for the season, discovering new and creative ways to make sure love finds the right path!

Join the Cupid’s Helpers club in Episode 1 for free, then pick up the entire series for half off! And don’t forget that for the 13th, this is our Giveaway’s highlighted game, so be sure to get your entries!


And of course, be sure to join us on Thursday, at 5:30pm Pacific on Twitch for Thursday Fight Nights! You can join in with the all female fighting game Koihime Enbu, currently 50% off. Join the open lobby for this reimagining of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and play against our host Brett, as well as other fans, with more chances to win prizes in chat.

So don’t miss out on these deals, and more! Don’t save all those treats for everyone else, be sure to buy some for yourself!

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