The Degica Halloween Sale is about to be Banished!

As All Hallows Eve comes to an end, the power of spirits and Halloween Sales begins to wane. When the clock strikes midnight 10AM Pacific, on All Saint’s Day (November 1st), our Halloween deals will be banished back to the netherworld!

No more 50% off on the fantastic witch shmup, Deathsmiles, from legendary shmup developer CAVE…

And the Mythos will be put back to sleep, returning again to full price rather than 80% off, and left to terrorize the world another day…

Even the yuri nurses (Note, Nick: Wait a second here. Who marked this as horror? Note, Publishing Team: Some users on Steam. Note, Nick: Well, far be it from me to say Steam users are wrong…) of Nurse Love Addiction will return to their… dorm rooms? Where do yuri nursing students go when they aren’t “haunting” or whatever they do that is horror anyway? Whatever, the 55% off is going away, OK?

It’s also a great time to pick up everything for Castle of Shikigami, including the brand new Evolution DLC with the Castle of Shikigami Evolution Collector’s Edition!

All of the deals disappear tomorrow! So buy today!

(Are we serious? People are frightened by girl nursing students falling in love? I mean, yeah there is a bit of weirdness outside of that, but… OK OK, I’ll let it go!)

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