The Degica Halloween Sale has begun its Haunt!


Halloween is almost here, but there’s no need to wait. Here are seasonal savings on Degica games that are great! These scary games are quite a treat, and will challenge your skills to beat. But wait too long and this deal will end, so buy them now and stay spooky my friend!

Castle of Shikigami is a dark, supernatural vertically scrolling shmup classic! The Evolution DLC takes the aggressive and challenging gameplay of the original to a whole new extreme!

Battle against an onslaught of enemies with arranged spawns and attack patterns. Test your skills against powered-up bosses. Unlock all-new achievements and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard!
Click here to get Castle of Shikigami 17% OFF!
Click here to get Castle of Shikigami: Evolution DLC!

What better game to play during the Halloween season than CAVE’s horror-themed bullet-hell shmup! Select one of five angels and battle an invasion of hell beasts across six different game modes. Click here to get DEATHSMILES 50% OFF!

A mystery visual novel full of thrills and chills! Follow Asumi as she travels to Tokyo alone to search for her sister. Hug your teddy bear close while unraveling this suspenseful story late at night! Click here to get Scar of the Doll 60% OFF!

The sequel to the famous flash game that started the escape room craze. Inspector Jean-Jacques Gordot finds himself investigating the Crimson Room a decade later. A door that won’t open, scattered wine bottles, and a flickering light bulb…can you escape the room? Click here to get Crimson Room: Decade 60% OFF!

A survival horror RPG homage to the monster movie classics of the 1930s! Create your own paranormal investigator and explore the definitely haunted Harborough Asylum while battling Lovecraftian foes! Click here to get Mythos: The Beginning 80% OFF!

Don’t delay, for the Reaper comes for these deals, On the morn of All Saints Day, these deals are dead! (November 1st, 10am Pacific).

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