Steam Winter Sale, Last Chance for Degica Games Deals!


Winter may not be winding down, but the Steam Winter Sale is! You’ll need games to get you through the long cold months indoors, so act now to get the best prices on Degica Games on Steam! The sale ends at 10:00 AM Pacific January 2nd, so the time to buy is NOW!


Do you like Visual Novels? Do you like long, intricate stories, that take some strange, but incredibly interesting turns? Then Muv-Luv is the game for you! Muv-Luv takes place over three parts, with this game covering the first two, Extra and Unlimited. What starts as a teen romance comedy will morph into wartorn mecha action, and then, in the third act, still to be released, it will go even farther.

Get into the epic and twisting tale of Muv-Luv today at 25% off!


Not in the mood for reading, and just want to bash some heads? Then take a look at Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds! Starring cute pixel characters, this is a straight up beat’em up, you and up to 3 friends, against hordes and hordes of enemies.

Punch, kick, and slice your way through, upgrade your characters, and conquer the boss, all for 80% off!


Or maybe you just really need to shoot something. Dive into RefRain ~prism memories~ and join 3 hackers as they dive deep into corporate systems using bullet hell mechanics. Featuring some of the most mesmerizing patterns and a unique system of mechanics that encourages being constantly on the offense, RefRain is unlike any other shooter out there!

You can get it for 35% off, but remember, the clock is ticking!

Just like it is ticking on all of these deals! You only have until 10 AM Pacific to buy these games, and many, many more, at these excellent discounted prices, so don’t wait, or you’ll miss out! Buy Today!

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