Our Valentine’s Sale is Fluttering Away


Valentine’s Day is passed, but there is always room for more love! And you have until Monday 10am Pacific to pick up these loving deals, and more, on Steam! So don’t be shy, take a chance. Your great love could be right around the corner!


Nursing school is hard. Especially for a wishy washy, floating jellyfish of a student who only seems to be there because she wrote in a book as a child that she wanted to be a nurse.

Asky will have to learn about growing up, nursing, and love, in the yuri visual novel Nurse Love Addiction! Will you be there to guide here through? Buy it during the sale to get 40% off and the soundtrack for free!


Can love survive Alternate wartorn realities? Play as Takeru, a normal high school boy, in the first two parts of the Muv-Luv Saga. First, experience a tongue in cheek high school comedy romance. But right when things are seeming to make sense. Right when everything has settled down and it is happily ever after.

It is time for war. Takeru awakens in a war-torn version of his world. Many things are the same. His friends are mostly still there, though they don’t remember him. His school is still there, though it is now a military academy… Can he figure out what to do, and how to save humanity? Buy now to get Muv-Luv for 40% off and experience this critically acclaimed visual novel today!

Check out these deals, and all of the other great deals on Degica Games, ending this Monday. Also be sure to check out the new giveaway entries to give yourself more chances to win!

And most of all. We hope you had a great Valentine’s and continue to have a lovely weekend!

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