Happy Holidays from Degica Games: Steam Winter Sale


Twas several nights before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring… nah just kidding we hear the clicks of your mouse.

You head over to Steam expecting to get a game for a few cents, but that is when you remember: You forgot to get presents!


We’ve got your back, not to worry, with new games like OneShot on sale, you’ll get this shopping done in a flurry.

10% off for this charming adventure, if you pick it up for a friend, they’ll like it we’re sure.

But what about a present for you? We have a giveaway going, it’s true!

To learn how to enter, click right through here, what you can win? the prizes are top tier! (And more ways to win coming soon!)


Then back to the games, off with a flash, with these two games, there are buttons to mash.

Koihime Enbu, just half the normal cost, a copy for you and your friend, just don’t whine when you’ve lost.

Or with Blade Arcus they’ve sliced off over a third of the price, but if you don’t practice, Rage will leave you in ice!

Not good at these games? Well you are in luck! Join us for our stream tonight (5:30 Pacific), Brett and Lark will teach you how not to suck.


Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, you have a friend, who gets upset when you’ve beat her.

Why not take a look at Nurse Love Addiction, 35% off, and it won’t cause any of that friction!

Take a look at our games, whichever you choose, with any of our games, you really can’t lose.

From all of us at Degica Games, even those of us who are in marketing (how lame!), a Happy Holidays we wish, good food, good games, and plenty of opponents to squish!

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