Degica Games Steam Autumn Sale! Time is Running Out!


The last leaf of the Steam Autumn Sale is about to fall! Don’t miss out on these amazing deals. You have until 10am Pacific on November 29th to take advantage of the sales, so don’t delay!


CAVE is one of the biggest names in the field of bullet hell games, crafting intricate bullet patterns and deep scoring systems, and Mushihimesama is no exception.

Play as Reco, the titular Bug Princess, and ride your noble beetle to save your friends and village. You can grab this game today at 60% off, act now!


But CAVE doesn’t hold a monopoly on quality Danmaku games. RebRank’s RefRain ~prism memories~ features some of the most hypnotic and beautiful bullet patterns we’ve ever seen.

Add in a solid set of mechanics, encouraging you to play on full offensive, and RefRain is a no brainer to purchase at 35% off!


But maybe you just need to get some of your shmups skills tuned up? Look no further than Triangle Service’s Shmups Skill Test! This game features a collection of minigames to help you go from geriatric to young hotshot in the shmup genre!

Play a collection of minigames, and get your score, represented by an age. See how good you can do, for only $3.99!


Think you’re already a Shmups hotshot? Or maybe you just want to have a bit of fun competition.

Make sure to participate in our Black (Friday) Label Arrange Score Attack contest in DoDonPachi Resurrection! For more details, go here!


But Degica Games isn’t just all about the shmups, we’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeves, like the recently released second episode of Kokurase! In each episode, you will play as the Cupid’s Helpers Club, exploring another adventure in helping students find love.

Grab episode 1 for free, and episode 2 for 15% off today!


Or you can chill from your shoot’em up rampage with the highly technical class platformer series: Umihara Kawase! Jump, swing, repel, and launch yourself around stages to find your own path through this surreal watery world.

Get the whole series for 60% off!

Buy these and many more Degica titles today! If you wait too long, the colors will have turned and you will be too late! Remember, the sale ends at 10am Pacific, November 29th!

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