Degica Games + Steam Anime Sale = Sugoi Deals Sugoi Games.

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Steam is once again doing their Anime Sale, and that means it is time for more deals on Degica Games!

You want to know more about a few games in the sale, ne?


DoDonPachi Resurrection, the latest CAVE game to land on Steam for 30% off! Giant kawaii robot girls, sugoi ships, and so, so many modes modes! What more could you want from a bullet hell shooter?


And speaking of danmaku, we’ve also got RefRain ~Prism Memories~ for 40% off! From doujin circle RebRank, RefRain is a dive into cyberpunk hacking as represented by deep shooter gameplay.

These two Degica Games, and many more are on sale now, so run over to the Anime Steam Sale to find the game for you.


And of course, our Studio Saizensen Week is still ongoing, so head over there to learn about a giveaway, contest, and more!

Between the Anime Sale and Studio Saizensen Week, there is no way you don’t want one of these Degica Game deals. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. It’s not like we like you or anything. Baka. *blush*

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