Degica Games Heats Up the Winter with Shmups in the Steam Winter Sale


Winter is here, and it is the time to sit inside, wait out the snow, and shoot some alien/future/mech/misc. invaders to pass the time!

And with Degica Games and the Steam Winter sale, it is the perfect time to pick up a shiny new shmup to play with.


The latest released on Steam from legendary shmup developer CAVE, you can get DoDonPachi Resurrection for 20% off until January 3rd!

This version of the game introduces Black Label Arrange Mode, dubbed Ketsuipachi by fans, for the first time ever outside of Japan, so it is a must have for any CAVE or Bullet Hell fan!


But that isn’t all you can pick up from CAVE.

All things CAVE on Steam are discounted, some up to 60% off! So it is the perfect time to pick up Deathsmiles, Mushihimesama, or even the CAVE DLC for Taito’s DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors!


And while CAVE is the giant in the room when it comes to Shmups, they aren’t the only game in town. We also have the magnificent Triangle Service Shmups, with games like TRIZEAL Remix, EXZEAL, and Shmups Skill Test, you have plenty to shoot and score.

Or get the whole collection at once with the Triangle Service Shmups Collection Bundle!

And be sure to check out the entire Degica Games Catalog, shmups or otherwise! We’re sure you’ll find a price you like, on a game you’ll love!

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