Degica Cave Titles on Steep Discount in the Steam Autumn Sale!

The Steam Autumn Sale is here, and I know that the first thing that jumped to your mind is: “What cool Degica Games can I get in this one?”

While there are no Turkeys among our games, it would be a bit difficult to cover ALL of them in one post, so let’s take a look at some of our most popular titles: Cave Shmups!

Cave is the origin of the bullet hell shooter genre, and according to many, are still the kings of the genre!

First up in our Cave extravaganza is Mushihimesama! In this danmaku you play as Reco. Your people have fallen to a mysterious illness, and it is up to you and your friend Kiniro, the Golden Beetle to discover a cure.

Fly through beautiful stages, dodging the intricate bullet patterns Cave is known for, to see if you can reach the God of the Koshu and save your people for 60% off!

Or maybe you want to take a trip back to the series that invented the bullet hell genre with DoDonPachi Resurrection!

The android Next EXY has traveled from the future and is causing havoc. Your orders are to stop her and the other Elemental Daughters. But why are they here? What is their goal? Will your shmup skills be enough to uncover the truth? Find out for 40% off!

And Halloween may have passed, but it is always a good time for the witchy sidescrolling bullet hell Deathsmiles!

Hell itself has invaded the magical land of Gilverado, and it is up to you, taking the roll of one of five “angels” to stop it. One of the most accessible Cave bullet hells, this is a great place to start for any new fan! See if you are destined to be a bullet hell fanatic at 50% off!

You can get these great deals on Cave titles, and many, many more fantastic Degica Games, through November 28th! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest on Degica sales and releases!

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