Enjoy a Relaxing Steam Summer Sale with Degica Games!


It’s one of our favorite times of the year: The Steam Summer Sale! Who wants to go out in that heat, let’s stay in and play video games instead. To be specific, let’s play some Degica Games.

We have a variety of games, from shmups, to platformers, to fighters, but today, let’s look at a few games with a bit slower pace, to match that wonderful relaxed slow pace of Summer.


For instance, now is the perfect time to pick up the Puzzle Adventure Game OneShot! Help guide Niko through a mysterious world to restore its lost sun. This is a game where consequences are real, with a story that you won’t want to miss! And for 40% off, there is no reason you have to.



And talking about things you wouldn’t want to miss, make sure to also grab the brand new OneShot Solstice Soundtrack, featuring 27 songs written by Nightmargin and Michael Shirt, including 8 never before heard tracks!

You can buy it at 20% off, or you can get it in the full OneShot Soundtrack Edition.


We also have the world renowned Visual Novel Muv-Luv for sale at 50% off! You play as Takeru, a normal high school boy, who wakes up one morning to find an heiress to one of the largest global fortunes sleeping in your bed and insisting you are destined for one another.

Odd high school romance hijinks ensue, but then, just as things seem to be resolved, Takeru wakes up in a completely different alternate version of his world. Filled with alien invaders and giant mecha. What could be happening? Considered one of the greatest visual novels of all time, at 50% off, if you don’t have this, you need to.


But how about something a little bit sweeter. Nurse Love Addiction is a Yuri Visual Novel about love, medicine, and learning to be an adult.

Guide Asky, a ditzy, daydreaming teen, whose only reason for becoming a nurse is a message written by her childhood self in an old book through Teito Nursing School. She will make friends, she will find love. But will everything turn out OK? You can find out for yourself at 50% off!

And be sure to check out the full list of Degica Games on sale! Make your Summer memorable with Degica Games.

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