Play the Dark Lord in Antagonist—A Comedic Visual Novel/RPG!

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Heroes have had the spotlight for far too long! In Antagonist, you get to play as the lead villain (and actor), Dark Lord D’Vil.

Dark Lord D’Vil is a rising star at Evil Productions, a production company that shoots only the most “realistic” video game cutscenes. For D’Vil, and the other villains, it’s just acting. But for the heroes, the scripted events are all too real.

After an incident at the top of a volcano, D’Vil is forced to team up with Hero of Light, Ralph, in an “improvised” adventure. Will you work together to uncover the dark truth behind Evil Productions, or will you clash like true hero and villain?

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Antagonist started out as an entry in the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. It ended up placing 1st in the RPG Category among 100’s of submissions. Degica approached the developer, NIVLACART, about expanding the entry into a commercial game.

NIVLACART worked on/off for the last few years, expanding the story, adding new characters/scenes, enemies, updated art, a “combo system” and much more! The game is now finally approaching it’s full release on Steam, March 17, 2017!

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Antagonist is a Visual Novel/RPG hybrid. The gameplay is broken into two parts: the dialogue scenes and the more traditional RPG turn-based encounters.

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Most of the story is conveyed through dialogue sequences between D’Vil and other characters. Like most visual novels, the player will have dialogue choices to make that will affect the exchange. There are also a few critical decisions that will determine if the player takes the good or evil path.

One of the best aspects of Antagonist is the charming characters and their banter. D’Vil and Ralph have a love/hate relationship that you’ll want to see to the end. D’Vil and Teeth have a fun villain/sidekick dynamic going on, with Teeth always there to keep D’Vil’s ego in check. There are also plenty of familiar faces from other game universes that have taken on “punny” alter egos. RPG Maker veterans like Eric, Terence, Yvla, Ulrika, and Bennett also make an appearance.

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When it’s time for an encounter, the game will switch to a combat scene. Combat plays out in an Active Time Battle System, with both the player and enemies taking turns. The player can control D’Vil, but his partner is AI controlled.

Later in the game, you will be able to perform “combo” or “follow up” attacks. If you time D’Vil’s action with your partner’s action, you’ll be able to perform a devastating combination attack! Some of these will also change the properties of the attack, e.g. a damaging attack becomes a buff. Skill descriptions will often give hints into which skills combine and their effects. These need to be used tactically to overcome later encounters!

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Antagonist also doesn’t slouch on the presentation. It has beautiful, hand-drawn portraits and CGs, and a rockin’ soundtrack!

Antagonist hits Steam March 17, 2017! Click here to go to the Steam Store page and make sure to add it to your Wishlist to be notified when it becomes available!

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