Shmups Skill Test: Git Gud, Nub


You’ve battled through aquatic robots in Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviors. You’ve taken the skies in DELTAZEAL. You’ve even mastered riding beetles in Mushihimesama, but now is the time to put those skills to the test with the Shmups Skill Test!

Shmups Skill Test hit arcades in 2007 in Japan, and is still going strong. It combines a quick fun experience with the thing all Shmup fans love: Numerical proof that they are better than their peers!

The main part of the game is simple: You start it up, you play through a number of shmup mini-games that test specific skills, then, the game tells you how good, or bad, you did by giving you your Gamer Age


The mini-games are designed to test many of the key skills Shmup players use. Like dodging:


Fast Shooting:


and JudgmentJudgement

Each Solo Test will only take you around 5-8 minutes or so, but you’ll find yourself testing over and over again, trying to shed just one more “wrinkle” from your age.

Find yourself having a hard time with one of the mini-games? Practice it! Next time it comes up in a test run, you’ll nail it.


Think your Shmups Skills are up to the task? Participate in our Shmups Skill Test Launch Week Challenges!

Both contests will run from Launch until 6pm Pacific on June 16th!

Online Score Challenge
Best 3 Gamer Ages on the online leaderboards in Solo Test mode win! Matching Gamer Ages will be tie-broken by highest scores.

Mystery Age
First to achieve each age and post a screenshot to twitter win the prize. Tweet us at @DegiGames with the hashtag #ShmupsAge to qualify!

  • ?? years Fujino-san’s age
  • ?? years Gradius 3, the game that inspired Fujino-san to design games, came out ?? years ago.
  • ?? years Takahashi Meijin is famous for firing ?? shots/second

Remember, both contests will be available from Launch until 6pm Pacific on June 16th. You could have a chance to win a prerelease copy of TRIZEAL, or even a poster signed by Triangle Service’s Fuijino-san himself!

Need a few tips to get you started?


  • Alternate the fire buttons to achieve a faster chain shot!
  • Some mini-games, like collecting recycling, are all about control. Sometimes it’s better to take a second to let the chaos reset than to try to salvage it.
  • Every shot that doesn’t hit a target is a waste! Try to already be moving when a target explodes, or to have lined up a target behind your current one already.

Pick up Shmups Skill Test tomorrow on Steam for only $3.99, a 33% Launch Discount, and find the secret to eternal game youth!

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