Senko no Ronde 2: The Basics

Senko no Ronde 2 is coming, and we want you to hit the ground running.

That is why we’ve decided to write a little beginner’s guide to help out. Now, once you get the game, most of this info will be available in the tutorial, but everyone’s learning style is different, and hey, everyone wants to just jump right in when they get the game right? So, let’s take a look at the mechanics.

First of all, let’s talk a bit about what kind of game this is. It is kind of like a fighter, kind of like a shmup, and just 100% a 1v1 match of skill and wits.

From a top down perspective, you have to beat your opponent by reducing their lifebar to zero, pushing them into the Vanish condition, and then getting the final blow. Best 2 out of 3 rounds takes the match.

That round structure is very much like a fighting game, but button inputs? That takes a lot more influence from the shmup side. You don’t need to memorize different motions and button inputs, but instead, you have to learn how each Rounder (your mecha in the game) plays, as each of them plays wildly different, but the mechanics of how to execute those moves, that remains the same.

So here, we’re going to use our hero Lev with Katie as his operator as an example.

So first of all, all characters have 2 moves that behave identically on each Rounder. Dash and Shield.

You can activate these moves by hitting their individual buttons, or you can activate them by using the “Action” button, Shield activates if you hit action while remaining still, Dash if you press it when moving. This stems from the game’s origins as a limited button arcade game, and to be honest, I find it better if you play on a stick. With a console style controller, the individual buttons will probably feel better.

So what do these moves do!

Dash: Dash is exactly what it says on the tin. It lets you move in the direction you are pointing very fast. You can also press another direction and click dash/action again to quickly change directions, mixing it up and trying to confuse your foe.

Barrier: Barrier will block all ranged attacks, but every block causes your charge meter to go down. You can gain more charge by picking up the charge power up sparklies that drop when you hit an enemy, so you need to mix up your offense and defense or you’ll find yourself without charge and your Barrier will be useless. You also can’t shoot while your Barrier is active, so you need to use it tactically to block specific attacks, overuse of your Barrier just delays the inevitable!

So what are those attacks you can block!

Every character has two basic shots.They are referred to as Main Shot, and Sub Shot. Your Main Shot can be used as much as you want. Your Sub Shot runs out of ammo after a certain number of shots, requiring a short period of reloading.

For Lev, his Main Shot is his Gatling gun. This is just a standard machine gun style shot.

His Sub Shot is the jelly gun. It doesn’t look that different from his Gatling, just bigger bullets, and more damage, but it is easier to stop as the bullets can be shot down, so make sure to wait for an opening!

Also, as a bonus tip: You can also use both of these shots simultaneously, as long as you press the buttons at slightly different times.

Next up, we have your Barrage Attack. Barrage is a heavier attack, but it uses some of your charge bar to do. You have to balance your use of Barrage Attack with your use of Barrier and picking up charge. Do you go full offensive and reserve the charge for Barrage, hoping to overpower your opponent? Or do you stay on the defensive waiting out the opportune times for damage? That is up to you. Every character has 3 barrages, Neutral Barrage, Back-Forward Barrage, and Full Circle Barrage.

For Lev’s Neutral Barrage, he unleashes a series of wide shots from a path carved by the disc on his rounder’s back, this can do massive damage from up close if the enemy is hit with multiple streams, or used to pressure an enemy at distance due to being hard to dodge entirely.

So all these bullets are flying around the arena, your shield is down, what are you supposed to do about it? You can also use your Bullet Canceller attack. This is another case of two inputs, you can either use the assigned button, or you can hit your main and sub shot buttons simultaneously. This will execute a short range strike that can both damage your opponent if you are within range, and take out any bullets in the arc of the strike!

This is a good way to escape a nasty bullet pattern, so be sure to keep it on your radar!

And now, for the biggest reason Operators are around, let’s look at abilities. Abilities are VERY strong moves, capable of turning the tide of a round if used correctly. After you use your ability, there will be a timer that starts before you can use it again. Once again, they give us a stick friendly way to do this move. Instead of using the default button, you can press Sub-shot and Barrage at the same time to use your ability.

Each Operator brings their own ability to the table, and Katie brings Lev her Offensive Unit Ability to blast through his enemies. This launches a series of circular drones all over the place, each shooting tons of bullets all around them. Properly timing this move for when your opponent is out of Shield could be devastating!

If you move within the reload rings to your opponent, you will switch to using melee rather than using your normal shots.

There are two forms of melee, M-Melee, which is fast and you can initiate by hitting your main shot button repeatedly to do a full combo,

And a “throw” S-Melee that is a bit slower, that uses your sub shot button.

Your M-Melee can be blocked by barriers, but your S-Melee can’t. This creates a kind of rock paper scissors. The Fast M-Melee beats the Slower S-Melee, the S-Melee beats Barrier, and the Barrier beats M-Melee.

And lastly, we bring you the most commanding move in the game, B.O.S.S. Mode. You start each match with 2 uses of this powerful mode, and you get an extra stock as a consolation prize if you lose a round.

B.O.S.S. mode can be activated by its own button, or by pressing the Main Shot, Sub Shot, and Action buttons together simultaneously. After you initiate the move, you will be join forces with an outer armored shell, that will make you a huge shmup like boss with completely different attacks than your normal mode! The B.O.S.S. has its own separate health bar, and a timer, if either of them run out, you return to your normal mode. This means people can either wait you out, or try to knock you down.

You can take a look at the devastation that Lev’s B.O.S.S. mode, Dish Conductor, unleashes here!

You can also enter Final B.O.S.S. Mode, a souped up version that happens if you activate the mode while in Vanish, but if you die in this mode, it is game over for the round.

Every character plays using these same move inputs, but due to the incredibly diverse array of attacks they wield, they all play incredibly different. Be sure to find your perfect Rounder in Senko no Ronde 2, arriving on Steam and PS4, September 6th!

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