Code of Princess Character Preview Guide: Solange

With Code of Princess heading to Steam soon, we’ve decided its time to give you a bit of a leg up on the competition, with a few general strategy and tips guides for the main characters. First on our list, is of course, the most iconic character, Solange. Learn how to wield the massive DeLuxcaliber to wade through your enemies!

About the character
Her name appears to be a combination of words implying holy origin, with Sol Ange meaning Angel of the Sun, Blanche Fleur de Lux meaning White Flower of Illumination. Hailing from the kingdom DeLuxia, which would mean the illuminating kingdom, all the names involving her point at her being the source of light, which is often a reference to holiness or good. Her weapon, the DeLuxcaliber, takes reference from the sword in the stone stories.

At the beginning of the game, her kingdom is attacked by monsters. Solange is charged by her father, the king Golgius, to protect the holy sword of the kingdom. As she leaves, the king says “Our fate is in your hands, Code of Princess.” This seems to imply that Solange is the title character.

Soon after, we find the castle heavily damaged, the altar area in ruins, the kingdom taken over by another kingdom that promises to defeat the monsters. However, this quickly appears to be a ruse as it is soon revealed that their goal was the sword.


Now charged with protecting the holy sword, Solange fights to save her kingdom and protect the people. She is very straightforward as a character-she simply wants to fulfill her duty and do what is right.

Gameplay Style
Her straightforward personality shows in her playstyle as a forward attacking melee. She fights with sweeping attacks that often hit both sides and tends to move her slightly forward. She plays well both offensively and defensively, and has many skills that allow her to deal with groups. However, she has limited ranged ability.




Lock-On Attack: Thrusts sword forward, slow attack. If done mid-run, she will slide forward slightly as she attacks, extending the potential reach. Hits mid.
Weak: Combos 4 times. Hits low, mid-high, mid, then forward.
Forward Weak: Fast, short thrust forward with the hilt of her sword. Hits mid-high.
Down Weak: Downward chop with sword, hits forward.
Strong: Upward swing, hits forward, then backwards mid-high a second later. Can launch enemies into the air.
Forward Strong: Thrusts sword forward, slow attack. Similar to lock-on attack. Rarely worth using as the lock-on attack has the added lock-on effect.
Down Strong: Spins before doing a downwards slash. Hits low, then forward.
Down Forward Weak: Forms a flaming ball then swings and launches the ball forward. Hits in a small area on both sides as well as a small aoe burn effect from the launched ball.
Down Down Weak/Strong: Spins twice to attack then does an upward jump swing. Hits quickly in a rather large area, especially forward.
Down Forward Strong: Does a slow spin attack, hits mid on both sides.
Air Weak: Upward swing, hits forward, then backwards mid-high.
Air Strong: A fast downward slash. Hits forward.
Air Forward Forward Weak: Upward swing, hits forward, then backwards high while launching herself forward.
Air Forward Forward Strong: A fast downward slash. Hits forward while launching self backwards.
Air Down Down Weak/Strong: Launches self diagonally forward, inflicting a burn effect upon hit and launching herself backwards towards starting position. Weak hits closer, Strong hits further away.

Her attacks that hit both sides tend to be either more mobile or heavier than others, allowing her to do strong hits that launch the enemy or more mobile hits that move her. Her moveset allows for a more diverse combo setup when surrounded by hitting both sides. Burn, while a rather common effect, has the advantage that it can hit groups rather quickly. Statwise, she starts off with decent strength and agility, allowing her to move relatively quickly while hitting hard.



Her stronger and wider attacks are fairly slow with longer windups, her pokes tend to be shorter in range. Her multi-directional attacks tend have one direction getting the majority of the area and the other direction having minimal range or a delay. Her lock-on, the bread and butter of damage, is among her attacks with a long windup and while it has a good range as a thrust attack, relying on the range is an easy way to whiff with her attacks, forcing the player to instead be closer or very attentive.

She has minimal ranged attacks, forcing her to stay up-close; yet she lacks attacks that move her a significant distance, forcing the player to be good at managing stuns, knockbacks, and blocks if surrounded. One of her strengths is also a weakness as burn tends to spread and this includes to the player who inflicted the burn in the first place. Statwise, she starts off weak defensively and magically, so she has limited access to specials early on.

Recognize the range and timings of her attacks, this is rather important for a character with a reach that can be fast but short or long but slow. Enemy movement will be key for judging when to use an attack, but knowing the range and timings of each attack will be the key for judging which attack to use.

Attacks can be used to block other attacks, including projectiles. While not all attacks can be blocked this way, it is a good idea to learn what attacks are easy for blocking with. Sometimes a fast weak is necessary, other times a strong is a better choice due to the heavier hit denying a wider range of attacks.

As a character who lacks diversity in ranged attacks and fast repositions, be used to running around. A few points in agility can really help with this.

She has many combos, such as weak->strong->repeat. Many of her combos are very effective early game, but players should practice using the more difficult combos and only use simple combos as needed, this will help when later enemies are more difficult to keep stunned with combos.

Newer players may wish to focus on minimizing her weaknesses.

Minimal Weakness Build


This is more suitable for newer players as it keeps her from being easily killed; however, this build does much less damage than other builds.

This build will be focused on defense. With this build, understanding combos becomes less important as taking a few hits won’t necessarily end the quest. However, the player should still use this build as an opportunity to learn how to use defensive actions and combos. This build focuses primarily on mind, then defense, then vitality, then piety and agility.

The greatest advantage of this build is that with a higher mind, magic (ranged) attacks tend to be stronger. Thus, this build works well with several strategies, from using magic to play things safe and only moving in to make assured easy attacks to making use of the higher defensive stats to tank a few hits here and there. This build also works well as a burst build, especially once the player obtains a certain item that makes bursts do damage.

Note that defend quests may be more difficult with this build due to the lower overall damage.

Basic build

Advanced players may try this as this has a decent focus on offense without having to sacrifice defense.

As the base build tends to focus more on strength and agility, it is a good idea to be used to being more aggressive, using simultaneous attacks, blocks, and lane shifts carefully with bursts as an emergency escape or as a way to quickly burn down a boss. It takes practice to become used to her attacks, cycling between sides when surrounded and taking advantage of the subtle movement of certain attacks to keep her combos going. This build will focus primarily on strength with agility as a secondary. Mind and defense will be as needed along with other stats.

One method with this build is to push enemies towards a wall. This will pin down enemies, allowing the player to use knockbacks as long stuns when needed while making use of the self movement and long reach to stay safe while they pin the enemies down.

Get used to skills that are good for stuns. Three weak attacks tend to combo well with spin attacks. Be used to blocking, bursting, and changing lanes when things get dangerous.

Optimized Strengths Build


Master level players and players willing to die often are the only ones that should attempt this build. Solange is a character where focusing purely on her strengths makes things more difficult.

This build will be focused on mobility. While this means she does less damage per hit than the basic build, the mobility will allow for her to chain combos better. Similar to the basic build, understanding defensive actions is very important as this build focuses on keeping chains going through mobility. It is important to know both when to pull back and when to press the attack. With the improved mobility, despite the minor difference, it is possible to both pull back and attack or keep pushing forward. This build focuses primarily on agility and strength. Focusing purely on agility and strength will result in rather high damage, but players may find themselves putting points into other stats to make her less fragile.

The goal with this build is to use movement to connect chains of combos. Using the knockbacks, the player can keep their distance from enemies while making use of running and lane changes to either get behind the enemy to move the enemy the other direction or set up the enemy to be hit as a group.

Know what skills combo well together. For example, the launch attack can be easily comboed to a jump attack and a dive attack, which can then be comboed with a slightly delayed ranged orb.

With this build, it is very important to know not only the range of each attack, but also the exact timings of various mechanics and timing her attacks to hit once those mechanics end. While this build tends to kill faster than other builds, the lack of defense stats means that this build will die just as quickly if hit.


And that is all for our first Character Preview Guide. We’ll have more to come soon, so keep an eye out! Are you a Solange fan? Any tips on how to play her? Or maybe a few questions? Join us in the comments section below.

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