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Bullet Soul Infinite Burst, Caravan Mode Loop Guide!

Our friends over at Mages have released the updated Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst on Steam! We here at Degica are super excited about this release and have been competing with the prerelease version in Caravan Mode for the last couple of months. And lucky for you, we have all that experience, because we’re working with Mages to have a Caravan Mode Contest to celebrate the release.


So, I’m going to share my knowledge that got me to breaking 500 million in this mode (and beating those other two in the Degica office).

You are going to want to use Loop for score. She is by far the best character for pushing those points up as high as possible.

You have two shots with Loop. A wide shot, and a focus shot.

The focus shot will be used more often, but you will need to know when to switch. (Quicktip: The focus shot button takes priority over the wide shot, because of this, I hold down both buttons, and just release focus shot to switch shots. This makes switching shots completely seamless.)

You should also remember that during focus shot, you are going to move slower, this means that if you need to do a quick dodge, you will need to switch to your wide shot.


So first, let’s look at the wide shot. This one is pretty simple, it does a decent amount of damage, it spreads pretty far, and an extra bonus, the bits that are thrown from the side actually go a little bit behind you. This can be a big bonus, and you will see why when we get to the multiplier mechanics further down.

And next is the focus shot. The focus shot shoots a beam directly in front of you that does good damage, but what REALLY does a little of damage are those swinging fists. You need to get in close to enemies to take advantage of that damage, but you’ll likely be close in because of the multiplier mechanics anyway, so that is good. They also swing pretty far to the side and slightly behind you during the swings, this is useful because you can actually use them to take out an enemy directly behind you if you position correctly. Focus shot also launches homing missiles, which are useful for taking out a few stragglers outside of the shots standard spread (which is basically only right around your ship and straight forward).

This covers all the attacks so now, let’s look at the major thing that is going to make or break your score: The multiplier.


This little bar right here.

This bar goes up every single time you kill an enemy, every time it fills it adds 1 to your score multiplier. Every bit of score you get is multiplied by that multiplier before being added to your score. So what we need to do is make that thing go up as fast as possible. And the way we do this is playing hyper aggressive.

Some people think that point blanking is how you make it go up faster, but that is not the case, the multiplier bar goes up faster based on how high you are on the screen when you get the kill. So in order to get the best multiplier possible, you need to hug the top of the screen as much as you can. In fact, the first time I broke 400 million, I didn’t even concern myself with dying, only with killing as fast as possible and as high on the screen as possible.


Because of the need to be so high up on the screen for score, you are not going to get a ton of reaction time, which means that to get a good score, high levels of memorization are going to be needed. Luckily in two minutes, there is only so much you have to memorize, unfortunately, though, there is one thing that can throw a wrench in this:

How fast you take out waves, can cause additional waves to show up that wouldn’t be there normally. This means, as you get better and better, you’ll have to change what you’ve memorized slightly as you get used to an additional wave here or there added between other waves. It isn’t a big deal, but it is something to be aware of (and it is very useful for boosting up that multiplier bar!).

Now, the next thing you want to look out for is mystery bonuses. These are small green spots on the ground, blowing them up will give you points! Try your best to catch them all.


Another opportunity for scoring is on the minibosses. Depending on how quickly you kill things, you will face between 3-5 miniboss points, of 1 of 3 types. Each one of these has 1 or more special bonuses.

The first type is these:


They have one special bonus: Kill them at the same time to receive the bonus.

Next, we have this:


The special bonus on this type is simple, kill it before it fully forms to receive it. In order to do this,  you’ll need to use your focus shot from about midscreen.

And lastly we have this pair:


This one you can get a total of three special bonuses. One is, like with the first boss type, killing both at the same time will award you points. On top of this, you can get one special bonus per miniboss in the pair from destroying the outside triangle pieces before destroying the central core.

And then, one last way to score: If you die 0, 1, or 2 times, you will get an additional amount of bonus points at the end of your run, with the fewer deaths you have giving you more and more score.

So, putting this all together, here are your main tips for a high score:

  1. Be aggressive! As both killing things faster AND being high on the screen helps your score, you want to be as aggressive as possible.
  2. Be aware of your shot types. Spread can be used to hit things directly to the left and right of you, and even slightly behind, focus can hit things near you all the way around your ship.
  3. Memorize the stage. Because of the aggressive gameplay necessary you will need to react to things BEFORE they are on the screen.
  4. Know when to back up a bit: Sometimes because of that end bonus from lives, you will need to back up slightly for a bit of survivability, know when the best time to do that is.
  5. Make sure to know all the special bonuses for minibosses.
  6. Be on the look out for mystery bonus spots!
  7. Have fun!

Good luck with the Caravan Score Contest, hopefully this guide helps!


Return from Anime Expo!

Whew, this is Nick, finally recovering from Anime Expo, and there is nothing like a big con to take all the energy out of you!

We returned from Anime Expo nearly two weeks ago, and I’m just now catching back up. So let’s look at some of the fun we had at the con!

Cool Events!

One of the things I was personally in charge of, and which was, of course, a whole lot of fun, was at booth events!

We had two major ones, starting with a live Koihime Enbu Tournament!

Hosted by Brett and myself, the tournament featured a hard fought battle between 27 fighters. With everyone huddled around the final matches, the victor was finally crowned!


All hail LoliMaiko, carrying home his prize!

The next day, we had another contest, this time featuring a game we brought to show off for our friends at Mages, Bullet Soul Infinite Burst! This time it was a Caravan Mode Score Attack contest. Score as many points as you can in 2 minutes, with aggressive play and daring maneuvers!


This one went to WaywardSera, who hovered around the booth all day to learn the game! He, too, took home a sweet tower PC.

First Looks!

Along with bringing some old favorites, Anime Expo was a time of first looks for the US!

On top of being the first look at the PC version of Bullet Soul Infinite Burst, Anime Expo was the first US hands on with Senko no Ronde 2, the Arena Fighter game that smashes shmups with 1v1 fighting games.


And also the first time Degica has shown off Rival Megagun stateside, an engaging 1v1 pure shmup, where you out survive your opponent, or power up to take him down in boss mode yourself!


But of course, we also just got a wonderful chance to talk to fans and to make new fans! Most of the time, we see you all online, and we always appreciate the kind words, but seeing so many of you in person, getting to talk the games and see you right in front of us, it is a special feeling, one that makes us especially proud to do the work we do.

So thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, we hope to catch you all again!



Enjoy a Relaxing Steam Summer Sale with Degica Games!


It’s one of our favorite times of the year: The Steam Summer Sale! Who wants to go out in that heat, let’s stay in and play video games instead. To be specific, let’s play some Degica Games.

We have a variety of games, from shmups, to platformers, to fighters, but today, let’s look at a few games with a bit slower pace, to match that wonderful relaxed slow pace of Summer.


For instance, now is the perfect time to pick up the Puzzle Adventure Game OneShot! Help guide Niko through a mysterious world to restore its lost sun. This is a game where consequences are real, with a story that you won’t want to miss! And for 40% off, there is no reason you have to.



And talking about things you wouldn’t want to miss, make sure to also grab the brand new OneShot Solstice Soundtrack, featuring 27 songs written by Nightmargin and Michael Shirt, including 8 never before heard tracks!

You can buy it at 20% off, or you can get it in the full OneShot Soundtrack Edition.


We also have the world renowned Visual Novel Muv-Luv for sale at 50% off! You play as Takeru, a normal high school boy, who wakes up one morning to find an heiress to one of the largest global fortunes sleeping in your bed and insisting you are destined for one another.

Odd high school romance hijinks ensue, but then, just as things seem to be resolved, Takeru wakes up in a completely different alternate version of his world. Filled with alien invaders and giant mecha. What could be happening? Considered one of the greatest visual novels of all time, at 50% off, if you don’t have this, you need to.


But how about something a little bit sweeter. Nurse Love Addiction is a Yuri Visual Novel about love, medicine, and learning to be an adult.

Guide Asky, a ditzy, daydreaming teen, whose only reason for becoming a nurse is a message written by her childhood self in an old book through Teito Nursing School. She will make friends, she will find love. But will everything turn out OK? You can find out for yourself at 50% off!

And be sure to check out the full list of Degica Games on sale! Make your Summer memorable with Degica Games.


Koihime Enbu: Tournaments, Updates, and New Site!


Hi Everyone!

We have a lot happening with Koihime Enbu in the next few weeks! Tournaments, Updates, and more. So let’s take a look at what is coming!

Some of you may have noticed that Koihime Enbu’s netcode had a few issues with spectator mode, causing some drops and unexpected room kicks! We have an update coming that we are hoping fixes this.

To test this update, we are bringing back our good friend Brett to host another Koihime Enbu Tournament using the new beta! This tournament will be held on June 25th at 5pm Pacific. Jump in to play, or maybe just watch on our Twitch.


To sign up, please head on over to the Koihime Enbu Tournament Challonge sign ups here!

We look forward to seeing you all duke it out on our new netcode! If the update looks stable in the tournament it should roll out not long after that.

And remember, with the price drop to just $20 on Steam, jumping into the tournament, even for a newbie is cheaper than ever. Buy today and you have almost a week to practice!

Interested in doing a tournament live? Will you be in LA for Anime Expo? Find us at the Degica Booth on July 1st and 2nd to sign up for our Koihime Enbu Single Elimination Tournament!

The tournament will be held from 4-6pm on Day 2 of the convention (Sun, July 2nd) right at our booth.


And for a final announcement, we are also unveiling our new Koihime Enbu Site. Here, you can learn about the mechanics, the characters, their movelists, and upcoming Koihime Enbu news! So make sure to check it out!

And that is everything for today Koihime Enbu fans! One online Tournament, one live Tournament, a New Site, and an upcoming Update!

Hope to see you Sunday at the online tournament or in July at Anime Expo!


Meet the Team 2

Hey, guys!

We’re back with another meet the team article, where we talk a bit about what we do here, and then what our favorite Degica Game is. Last time, Nick (hey, that’s me!) discussed Pharaoh Rebirth+, and Mark talked a bit about OneShot.

This week, we have two more Degica Games staff ready to talk about their favorites.

So let’s get going!


Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. My name is James Wragg, and I work in Degica’s game publishing division.

My job involves all the scheduling, budgeting, bug-chasing, localising fun you don’t want to hear about, and all the unannounced titles you do. Which leaves little to say, so on to my favourite Degica game.

No surprises, it’s a shooting game, which is not an easy pick given our catalog: Castle of Shikigami coming up, DariusBurst CS and it’s glorious tunes and crossover DLC, the Cave titles, RefRain, the evergreen Judgement Silversword, and the fun-packed Rival Megagun. So which one?

Shmups Skill Test is one of the first games I launched when I joined Degica, so that’s one feather in its cap, but more importantly, it’s a title that encompasses everything I love about games.

Look, any time you let me remind everyone that Empty Cans Go In The Trash!, I will -Nick

Look, any time you let me remind everyone that Empty Cans Go In the Trash, I will -Nick

In a nutshell, it’s the Wario Ware of shooting games: a mixture of short, sharp and varied mini games, mixing various skills that any shooting player will find handy.And similar to its Nintendo-born brother it’s a lot of fun too; poking fun at the shooting genre with references and parodies, all wrapped up in a frantic, timed measurement of your shooting prowess. A complete game can be as quick as a few minutes but rarely lasts longer than five meaning it’s perfect for a brief blast or a prolonged hi-score-hunt.

And similar to its Nintendo-born brother it’s a lot of fun too; poking fun at the shooting genre with references and parodies, all wrapped up in a frantic, timed measurement of your shooting prowess. A complete game can be as quick as a few minutes but rarely lasts longer than five meaning it’s perfect for a brief blast or a prolonged hi-score-hunt.

Look at all those minigames!

Look at all those minigames!

What’s your shmups age?


My name is Ethron Young and I create the trailers for Degica Games. As a motion designer, I must employ several creative disciplines including video production & 3d animation. Collaborating with fantastic team members and being a part of something amazing drives me to create something relevant and truly special for each and every title.

Being a traditional turn-based RPG fan, my favorite Degica game is Echoes of Aetheria.


There is just something special about joining an entourage of characters to go off and save the world. Many aspects of this game remind me of the days of SNES and PS1 RPGs, complete with airships, dungeons, and even political corruption. The best part for me is always diving into characters and plot to reveal deeper layers of story.

But even with a great story, the battle system in an RPG can make or break the game and with Echoes of Aetheria, it definitely makes it. Too many games, even big budget titles, have suffered from slow, grinding battles.

This is not the case here. The fast-paced battle system employs a combination of Grandia and Suikoden type mechanics that feels refreshingly familiar, and yet takes it a little further for a beautiful polish.


Combine that with a high-quality orchestral style soundtrack and character-driven narrative, and you have something profoundly worth experiencing. So pick Echoes of Aetheria up and experience it today!


Eternal Destiny: New Update, New DLC

Hello there, Eternal Destiny fans, a new update just hit Steam!

This update adds more challenge, raises the level cap, and opens up some new strategies for your decks with Attribute Slots!


Added in the Update:

  • Level Cap Breaker: Now you can increase your cards’ levels to a maximum of 1000 by winning Level Cap Breaker battles! Additional skills will be obtained when your card level reaches 100, 500, and 1000.
  • Attribute Slot & Super Slot: Attribute slot such as water and flame and super slots with double-strength effect have been added! They are available in Challenge mode, Level Cap Breaker, and the new DLC.
  • New Commander Battle: Like a minesweeper, now you can obtain various items by winning the new commander battle!
  • Challenge Mode: Challenge mode now open with new three levels.

And with a new update, a new DLC!

Challenge the new Attribute Sanctuaries! 48 new dungeons built around the new Attribute Slots!


Included in Eternal Destiny – Attribute Sanctuaries:

  • Dungeon: Attribute Sanctuaries – Easy (16 Attributes)
  • Dungeon: Attribute Sanctuaries – Normal (16 Attributes)
  • Dungeon: Attribute Sanctuaries – Hard (16 Attributes)
  • Bonus: Unevolved Card Set from Ranking Mode

* Many cards that do not appear in standard card packs are also introduced in this DLC.


Senko no Ronde 2: Backstory


The year is 1486 S.D.

1,486 years since a great catastrophe left Earth unable to sustain human life, so we spread to the stars.

We live in huge colonies orbiting the Earth and Moon.

The development of huge mechs known as Rounders has revolutionized life in space. With them, we were able to accomplish things we never thought possible.

rounder (1)

Things were looking up for humanity, but then two years ago, political unrest began. A terrorist attack occurred in the Arria Federation, a WMD disappeared.

The rest of the Federation became aware of the weapon the Arria Federation had possessed, a weapon that violated international law.

We thought Luchino Narukami was the answer. He was young, charismatic, a beacon of change, a victim like the rest of us. He promised a new age.

Then, Harmonia. A colony within the Arria Federation bursts into armed conflict. Rumor circulates that Narukami orchestrated the fight.

Where we’ll go from here, is where your story begins…

Senko no Ronde 2, Coming to Steam in 2017!


Every Upcoming Degica Game (That is Announced)

Phew. We got a lot announced right now coming up this month (and further!), across several genres.

It can get hard to keep up with them all, so let’s look at all four of our upcoming announced games!

A-Train PC Classic


This one has already been out on Steam in Japan, but now, this modern transportation simulator with classic graphics is coming to the International community in English!

As the CEO of a major transportation company, help the city grow as you extend the transportation network throughout! Face many different challenges with scenario-based gameplay, or just keep playing freeform after you’ve finished. Think you’ve mastered the game? Play scenarios in the Steam Workshop made by fans, or make your own to share!

A-Train PC Classic will be released in English on June 8th!


Symphonic Rain

Part Visual Novel, part Rhythm, in Symphonic Rain, you play as Chris Vertin, on his way to becoming a master musician at the Piova Communial School of Music.

Set in the city of Piova, the city of music and endless rain, Chris is just weeks from graduation… but he has yet to pick a vocal partner for his final examination!

Wishlist today, and pick up Symphonic Rain on June 14th!


Castle of Shikigami


For the first time fully translated in English, the classic shmup Castle of Shikigami is coming to PC!

A supernatural mystery awaits, as in the Summer heat, body after body is found by the police. Play as one of six special investigators brought in to solve the crime. Each with their own unique powers, you can master one, or master them all for even more hours of gameplay. A werewolf, a witch, a Shinto priestess, and more…

Castle of Shikigami is coming your way June 16th!


Senko no Ronde 2


A hybrid of Fighting and Shmup game play, Senko no Ronde 2 is a reboot of Senko no Ronde DUO from 2010.

Featuring a faster, more refined 1 v 1 combat system of long range and melee assaults, pilot your Rounder, transform to execute your B.O.S.S. attack, and explore online matches, local battles, and an involved single player story mode!

Do you have the skills to become a top Rounder pilot?

Senko no Ronde 2 is coming to Steam Q3/Q4 this year!


With four games coming from Degica, you have a lot to look forward to! So make sure to add the ones you want to your wishlist, and be prepared to build, sing, shoot or slash your way through another amazing experience.


Are Visual Novels Games?

So this is a question that comes up a lot in the online video gaming community. And having published Muv-Luv, Nurse Love Addiction, Scar of the Doll, and with more coming like Muv-Luv Alternative and Symphonic Rain, I felt it would be a good time to address it.

Is it a visual novel if you just select an option here or there? What if you add in a few other mechanics? What is the threshold of gameplay necessary to be considered a game?

What IS a video game? Does that definition include Visual Novels?

And I believe I have found the perfect answer:

Who cares?

I mean, in all seriousness, if it is a game, does that make it more fun? If it isn’t a game, does that make it less fun?

Do I enjoy reading a standard novel, by one of my favorite authors less if it isn’t a game? So why do we think of Visual Novels any differently.

Maybe it is a game, maybe it isn’t. Maybe just some of them are games, and some of them aren’t. As long as we are enjoying ourselves, why should we be so concerned with attacking or defending the genre?

As long as we are enjoying ourselves, why should we be so concerned?

Maybe the real answer is “It’s a bit more complicated than that”, but in the end, all that matters is that you are entertained, or moved, or fulfilled by what you are doing. And if VNs do that for you, go for it!