Happy Holidays from Degica Games: Steam Winter Sale


Twas several nights before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring… nah just kidding we hear the clicks of your mouse.

You head over to Steam expecting to get a game for a few cents, but that is when you remember: You forgot to get presents!


We’ve got your back, not to worry, with new games like OneShot on sale, you’ll get this shopping done in a flurry.

10% off for this charming adventure, if you pick it up for a friend, they’ll like it we’re sure.

But what about a present for you? We have a giveaway going, it’s true!

To learn how to enter, click right through here, what you can win? the prizes are top tier! (And more ways to win coming soon!)


Then back to the games, off with a flash, with these two games, there are buttons to mash.

Koihime Enbu, just half the normal cost, a copy for you and your friend, just don’t whine when you’ve lost.

Or with Blade Arcus they’ve sliced off over a third of the price, but if you don’t practice, Rage will leave you in ice!

Not good at these games? Well you are in luck! Join us for our stream tonight (5:30 Pacific), Brett and Lark will teach you how not to suck.


Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, you have a friend, who gets upset when you’ve beat her.

Why not take a look at Nurse Love Addiction, 35% off, and it won’t cause any of that friction!

Take a look at our games, whichever you choose, with any of our games, you really can’t lose.

From all of us at Degica Games, even those of us who are in marketing (how lame!), a Happy Holidays we wish, good food, good games, and plenty of opponents to squish!


Kokurase Ep 3: Same Clients, Major Complications


Everything was coming up Kokurase with their last case, Kotaro Hino and Madoka Asagaya were on their way to love…

But then. An unexpected complication. The Thin Red Liners! This gang is completely opposed to the work you are trying to do. Can you overcome this villainy?

Let’s take a look at the players




This team has Kokurase on the ropes and Genji flustered. But you must find a way to overcome! Love depends on it.

Pick up Kokurase Episode 3, or pick up episodes 1-3 for a discounted price right now!



OneShot is a top down Puzzle/Adventure game with “unique gameplay capabilities”.

When first explaining OneShot to new players, I like to emphasize the meta elements of both the narrative and gameplay. There are a lot of games that have broken the 4th wall in gimmicky ways. One of the most infamous examples is the “back of the box” puzzle in Metal Gear Solid, in which the solution was actually on the back of the physical case. We used this example when first explaining the meta puzzles to GDC attendees, but it’s not quite an accurate comparison.

OneShot has a narrative reason for why there are puzzles outside the game. Early on, the game makes it known that it’s aware of your presence and your unique connection to Niko. The game entity will obstruct your progress by placing solutions to puzzles outside the bounds of the game. It will also talk directly to you through system messages outside the game window.


OneShot does not break the 4th wall because “there is no 4th wall”. You, the player, are a direct participant in the story.

In addition to the meta puzzles, OneShot also features “real consequences”. This should be evident in the title. In the original game, you only have one shot to experience the game. Once you make a difficult choice at the end, you will never be able to play the game again (at least not without some computer wizardry). Even deleting and reinstalling the game won’t make a difference.

The Steam version will allow savvy players to experience the game again, but the game will still “remember” your choice, so in that sense you still only have one shot. Those who wish to return to the world though might be rewarded with additional insights into its machinations.


OneShot was originally developed by nightmarign and mathew for the 2014 IGMC. The game was developed under a tight time window of 30 days and so some elements of the game were rushed. The Steam version of OneShot is in a sense, the full vision of the original game; the story the developers always wanted to tell.

For those who have played the IGMC version, here is a list of some of the key differences between the two versions:
-The extended version of OneShot is roughly TWICE as long as the original.
-The story is now fully realized, with many new areas, characters, dialogue and lore.
-There are new in-game and “out of bounds” puzzles. Some of the previous puzzles were also reworked.
-Major graphical updates to all areas of the game.
-Additional music tracks were also added.

OneShot has been a labor of love from the beginning and it really shows. YouTubers have also commented on how there is something special about the experience of guiding Niko through this decaying, pixelated world, full of quirky characters. You can watch ManlyBadassHero to see firsthand how his connection with Niko and the game worlds deepens over the course of the playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqht1ZzUI9o

CLICK the button below to purchase OneShot on Steam!


DoDonPachi Resurrection: The Modes


Hello again, everyone! It’s me, Adam Milecki, Game Producer for Degica Games!

In case you haven’t heard, CAVE Co., Ltd’s legendary bullet-hell shoot-’em-up series is finally coming to Steam with DoDonPachi Resurrection! Last time I talked about the story of DDPR and the various characters therein. Now it’s time to talk modes.

Do you like modes? Depeche Mode? Pie a la mode? How about gameplay modes?  You’ll be able to explore the complete DDPR experience with 8 different modes. Here’s the rundown (and this is just the basics!)…

  1. Normal 1.5: This is the original arcade game, but refined and expanded for maximum enjoyment and challenge. Additions include a new ship, two more score digits (for those of you who just score too darn high), and more.
  2. Normal 1.51: Try a different scoring system and control schemes in this Cave Matsuri special version. This rare version of the game originally appeared in 2010 at CAVE’s yearly festival known as Cave Matsuri. Ooo, how exclusive!
  3. Arrange A (ver L): A newly arranged mode with unique mechanics and a powerful ship borrowed from DDP Blissful Death. In addition, you’ll get more even more of the DoDonPachi story from this mode. No promises on if they’ll explain what’s up with all the bees, though.
  4. Arrange B (ver B): Play single stages in this very different and highly customisable mode. The game will learn how you play and challenge you appropriately. Just don’t call it “Skynet”.
  5. Novice: A crash course in bullet hell for newcomers! This is the Normal 1.5 mode, but less difficult. We won’t look down on you. Everybody starts somewhere!
  6. Black Label: A new, powerful method of attack and a new final boss await! The new attack comes with a price: Red Mode. Red Mode makes the game more difficult, but can be very beneficial for your score. Beware the Red menace.
  7. Black Label Arrange: Control the Tigerschwert ship from KETSUI in the first official international release for this mode that combines KETSUI and Black Label! Two great tastes that taste great together.
  8. Black Label Novice: Experience Black Label with less difficulty! Ain’t no shame in practice. From what I hear, it “makes perfect”… We’ll see about that.

If that heapin’ helpin’ doesn’t satiate your addiction to modes, then perhaps you can’t be helped.  Keep listening for the sound of buzzing bees, because DoDonPachi Resurrection will be here soon!

♪“All I ever wanted… All I ever needed… is modes… and more modes… Other games are… unnecessary… They don’t have many modes…”♪



DoDonPachi Resurrection: The History


Hello! Adam Milecki, Game Producer for Degica Games here to give you a quick history lesson on the creators of DoDonPachi Resurrection!

For the uninitiated, DoDonPachi Resurrection, was created by a prolific force in the shmup/shoot-’em-up (or “STG/Shooting Game” in Japan) genre by the name of CAVE Interactive CO., LTD. CAVE is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, and was founded in 1994 by former Toaplan employees including Tsuneki Ikeda (aka “IKD”). Toaplan was a game developer that had already been a fount of shmup goodness, and is arguably the father of the bullet-hell subgenre, so CAVE was off to a good start.

Quick aside: If you don’t already know, the shmup subgenre known as “bullet hell” (or “danmaku” in Japan) is most recognizable by its large number of projectiles on screen at once, often with an emphasis on dodging the attacks. Batsugun, a game created by the aforementioned Toaplan, is said to be the first of the bullet-hell games, and was called a “manic shooter” at the time.

The very next year (1995) CAVE brought DonPachi to the arcades. It was the start of the series that would eventually lead to DoDonPachi Resurrection about 13 years later. Here’s a brief list of the games in the series (good for the nerd in us all)…

  • DonPachi
  • DoDonPachi
  • DoDonPachi II Bee Storm
  • DoDonPachi DaiOuJou (Blissful Death)
    • Black Label
  • DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu (Resurrection)
    • Black Label
  • Dodonpachi MAXIMUM
  • DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

CAVE isn’t just known for the DoDonPachi series, however, they’ve put out a staggering number of bullet-hell games, and “CAVE” has practically become synonymous with “bullet-hell”. In fact, in 2010 CAVE was awarded “Most prolific developer of danmaku shooters” by Guinness World Records. Sure, CAVE has had some interesting and daring forays into genres other than bullet-hell, but they just can’t stay away from those glowing, little, candy-like bullets.CAVE initially focused on arcade games, but in time, they put games out on consoles, mobile, and PC. You may already know CAVE’s work. That’s right. In fact, as a Degica fan, there may already be a CAVE game in your library as we speak.

CAVE initially focused on arcade games, but in time, they put games out on consoles, mobile, and PC. You may already know CAVE’s work. That’s right. In fact, as a Degica fan, there may already be a CAVE game in your library as we speak. Deathsmiles? Sound familiar? How about a little game known as Mushihimesama? Mm-hmm! CAVE doesn’t mess around, and we, at Degica, are proud to bring you yet another retina-tickling shmup with DoDonPachi Resurrection!

default-2016-07-22-22-07-13-68 default-2016-07-22-22-26-14-94 default-2016-07-22-22-26-44







It’s safe to say that CAVE isn’t done yet and neither is Degica. Stay tuned!

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Degica Games Steam Autumn Sale! Time is Running Out!


The last leaf of the Steam Autumn Sale is about to fall! Don’t miss out on these amazing deals. You have until 10am Pacific on November 29th to take advantage of the sales, so don’t delay!


CAVE is one of the biggest names in the field of bullet hell games, crafting intricate bullet patterns and deep scoring systems, and Mushihimesama is no exception.

Play as Reco, the titular Bug Princess, and ride your noble beetle to save your friends and village. You can grab this game today at 60% off, act now!


But CAVE doesn’t hold a monopoly on quality Danmaku games. RebRank’s RefRain ~prism memories~ features some of the most hypnotic and beautiful bullet patterns we’ve ever seen.

Add in a solid set of mechanics, encouraging you to play on full offensive, and RefRain is a no brainer to purchase at 35% off!


But maybe you just need to get some of your shmups skills tuned up? Look no further than Triangle Service’s Shmups Skill Test! This game features a collection of minigames to help you go from geriatric to young hotshot in the shmup genre!

Play a collection of minigames, and get your score, represented by an age. See how good you can do, for only $3.99!


Think you’re already a Shmups hotshot? Or maybe you just want to have a bit of fun competition.

Make sure to participate in our Black (Friday) Label Arrange Score Attack contest in DoDonPachi Resurrection! For more details, go here!


But Degica Games isn’t just all about the shmups, we’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeves, like the recently released second episode of Kokurase! In each episode, you will play as the Cupid’s Helpers Club, exploring another adventure in helping students find love.

Grab episode 1 for free, and episode 2 for 15% off today!


Or you can chill from your shoot’em up rampage with the highly technical class platformer series: Umihara Kawase! Jump, swing, repel, and launch yourself around stages to find your own path through this surreal watery world.

Get the whole series for 60% off!

Buy these and many more Degica titles today! If you wait too long, the colors will have turned and you will be too late! Remember, the sale ends at 10am Pacific, November 29th!


Steam Autumn Sale, Fight Nights, and Beat Downs


The trees’ colors are turning, and your yard is slowly collecting with leaves. Time to get out there with the rake.

WRONG! It is clearly time to buy a slew of great games, and punch, kick, and fireball your way to victory.

The leaves will go away on their own, right?


To kick off our sale, we’re having our weekly Thursday Fight Nights, tonight, Wednesday the 23rd at 4pm Pacific! We’re so excited we forgot how the days of the week work!

Join us tonight as host Brett hosts open lobbies for these two great fighters, both on sale!


Koihime Enbu is straight up a fundamental footsies based fighter. Like the Street Fighter style? Then Koihime Enbu is right up your alley. The cast of 13 characters are based on famous figures from the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms with just a little twist. All of them are gender bent female versions of the characters.

Join in tonight to get a look at this great game, and pick it up on Steam during the sale for a staggering 50% off!


Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena, published by our friends at Studio Saizensen, is also going to be on sale, and on show in our stream! This fighter, based on Sega’s Shining series, is still footsies based, but with a lot more going on.

Master the use of your Action Point, Force Action, and Support Link Gauges to overpower your opponent, with anything from wolf claws to a giant popsicle. Try the free demo, see the game tonight, and then see the game in your Steam library for 35% off!


In the mood for a different style of frantic fight-fest? Why not try one of our beat’em ups, like fan favorite Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds!

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds features cute, pixel based chibi graphics, with awesome arcade action beat’em up gameplay. Play local multiplayer, or online with your friends! Punch your way through Tokyo locales as you make your way to the evil wizard Phantom, and a win

At 80% off, there is no reason NOT to buy this game for yourself, and three of your friends!


Still need some more beat’em up action. Try out Code of Princess, the beat’em up RPG hybrid!Play as one of four characters through the Campaign Mode, or play as countless others in additional modes. Master combos, power up your characters, and fight with or against your friends in

Play as one of four characters through the Campaign Mode, or play as countless others in additional modes. Master combos, power up your characters, and fight with or against your friends in coop and competitive online modes!

Code of Princess is currently 40% off, so make sure to get it before the sale endsBut that isn’t all, take a look at the sales on all

But that isn’t all, take a look at the sales on all Degica Games products, and be sure to enjoy the wonderful Autumn weather by staying inside and playing all your new games!


Kokurase Ep 2: New Client, New Target, New Complications


The Cupid’s Helpers Gang has managed to sort out their first episode with your help (And if not, what are you waiting for, download it for free now!), but now, it is time for a next job. Can Kokurase help another student confess their love?

The Client: Kotaro Hino


Kotaro Hino. A second year honor student, he’s definitely got the brains.

He’s also a pushover. Timid to a fault, everyone is always asking him for help, and he never knows how to say no. But he has a problem. He wants to ask out Madoka Asagaya, and when you are as timid as he is, well that is where the team comes in.

The Target: Madoka Asagaya


Madoka Asagaya, also a second year honors student, is the target. Kotaro will never do this on his own, so he needs our help. She is kind and helps out everyone. Everyone sees her as the big sister, and she fills the role.

But she’s also worried about her childhood friend, Musashi, and that could lead to some problems…

The Complication: Musashi Tachikawa


Rude, insensitive, and always ready to throw down, Musashi Tachikawa has been friends with Madoka since they were little. He hates snobby honor students, but even with all his flaws, he does have that childhood connection, and he is good looking…

Can Kokurase complete this mission? We won’t know without your help. Pick up Kokurase Episode 2 when it releases tonight!


Thursday Fight Nights, Join in the Fun


We’ve been hosting our Thursday Night Fights for nearly two months, now, and they are really taking off!

Our host, Brett, has been teaching, commentating, and losing way too many times at Blade Arcus and Koihime Enbu for our staff’s comfort.

Every week, you too, can join in the chat, and even join in the open lobby of Fighting game beatdowns.

And in the coming weeks, we have a few special things.

Wednesday, November 23rd: Thursday? Fight Night!

Next week, to avoid the American Thanksgiving, we are moving Thursday Fight Night to Wednesday, to give you a special edition of Thursday? Fight Night! There is some fun extra things coming along with it, but you’ll have to wait and see!

Thursday, December 8th: Nothing!

We’ve been keeping it up week after week for 2 months! It is time to take a break. Both Brett and our resident Community Manager Nick will be on vacation on the 8th, so we’ll not have a Fight Night this week. Feel free to jump online with both Koihime Enbu and Blade Arcus to play among yourselves though.

Thursday, December 29th: Koihime Enbu Fight Night Tournament!

We’ll be hosting a tournament for Koihime Enbu to round out the year for our Fight Nights! End the year by trying to be the best Gender Bent Romance of the Three Kingdoms character you can be! We’ll be announcing sign ups in the coming weeks, but make sure you are prepared to fight it out.

And of course, keep showing up every other Thursday, too, for more Open Lobby fun!


Kokurase: Meet the Team


They are Kokurase, the Cupid’s Helpers, and they specialize in helping other students find love. In the first episode, our team is helping the shy Sakura capture the heart of chick magnet Yoshimitsu? Do you have what it takes to take this team to victory? Here is your team:


Genji is the man with the plan. Only he can tie together all the threads into a single tapestry to ensure that Kokurase’s plans go off without a hitch. He knows his team, and exactly what they are capable of. Which means he gets to send them off on tasks while he takes a nap in class.

But when the time comes, he has everything you need to get the job done.


Let’s see, what can we say about Meg…

No really, what can we say? Meg is… a person? We think? I mean, I suppose she could be a robot but that isn’t likely, right?

Meg is a mystery.


This is Kanta. He sees things. Like ghosts. And auras. And through walls. Kind of creepy right? (or it is just his imagination, which is probably more likely)

But nobody is better at Kanta than gathering info, thanks to his… gifts.


And the newest member, Riho. She’s the… bubbly part of the crew. If you ever need energy, happiness, and sunshine, she’s your girl. Just don’t expect her to do it perfectly, she’s bound to mess up somewhere.

These four, with your help, will help Sakura find love. Are you ready for the challenge? Pick up Kokurase’s first episode for free today!