Steam VR Sale!


Happy Belated Birthday to the HTC VIVE! The Vive was released one year ago yesterday and it is time for a celebration.

The fun of VR is to put yourself INTO the game. To get an immersive experience that lets you be part of the action. And hey, immersing yourself into situations outside your every day life sounds like a good way to celebrate a birthday!

So let’s look at the three Degica Games on sale in VR this week!


It’s time to be awesome at the biggest sport in the world, with Head It!

Your teammate has set you up, and all you have to do is get your head in the game. Be loved and adored by the fans as you get goal after goal. The world of soccer is yours for 50% off, so don’t let that goalie stop your shot!

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Or maybe, it is time to show off your mastery of the Japanese art of the sword in Samurai Sword VR. Dash through beautiful scenery as you cut down your foes.

Less an honoable Samurai and more an underhanded ninja? Then instead master the 2 kunai/shuriken only levels. Either way, you can see the world of Japan surround you, for 50% off.

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And what is the best thing you can do to celebrate? Break stuff! And as it is in the virtual world and not reality, there is no mess, no cleanup, just pure unbridled joy at watching stuff get knocked down in Destroyer!

Ancient ruins float in the sky, why they are there? Who cares, let’s tear it all down! Embrace your inner child and throw things at it until it all comes down for 50% off!

No matter which game you get, let’s all celebrate the success of the Vive by immersing ourselves in a whole virtual world of fun!


Degica Games + Steam Anime Sale = Sugoi Deals Sugoi Games.

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Steam is once again doing their Anime Sale, and that means it is time for more deals on Degica Games!

You want to know more about a few games in the sale, ne?


DoDonPachi Resurrection, the latest CAVE game to land on Steam for 30% off! Giant kawaii robot girls, sugoi ships, and so, so many modes modes! What more could you want from a bullet hell shooter?


And speaking of danmaku, we’ve also got RefRain ~Prism Memories~ for 40% off! From doujin circle RebRank, RefRain is a dive into cyberpunk hacking as represented by deep shooter gameplay.

These two Degica Games, and many more are on sale now, so run over to the Anime Steam Sale to find the game for you.


And of course, our Studio Saizensen Week is still ongoing, so head over there to learn about a giveaway, contest, and more!

Between the Anime Sale and Studio Saizensen Week, there is no way you don’t want one of these Degica Game deals. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. It’s not like we like you or anything. Baka. *blush*


Saizensen Week: Umihara Kawase Day


The Studio Saizensen Week continues, but today is all about Umihara Kawase!

The Umihara Kawase series are puzzle platformers unlike any other game you’ve ever played. Using a fishing line and hook, Umihara, joined by others in later games, swing, hang, climb, and even launch themselves using the lines elastic quality. With their interesting physics mechanics, the Umihara Kawase series is a game you can spend years mastering, or jump in today and have fun.

You can get the entire trilogy for 70% off right now on Steam!


Want to know more about the series? Join us later today on Twitch as we stream with Mr. Kondou, the illustrator of the series. He’ll be answering questions from the chat, so don’t be shy about posting your best questions for him. We’ll be streaming at 6PM Pacific, so set your alarms and don’t miss out!

We also have the Sayonara Umihara Kawase Time Attack Contest still running until April 3rd!


See if you can be the master of Stage 6, or just see how you can do for fun. There are plenty of great prizes, but make sure to read ALL the rules! We look forward to all your entries!

Umihara Kawase is a game you could waste days, weeks, or even years in. Take this opportunity to get this legendary series today.


Studio Saizensen Week!


Hi everyone, it’s STUDIO SAIZENSEN WEEK!

So what does that mean? It means big sales on all things Studio Saizensen on Steam! But we don’t just have sales, we also have cool events! Let’s take a look at what we have for you this week.


For the fight fans among us, we have Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena at 50% off! Pick your two fighters, and challenge the world!

And this week, and every week, be sure to drop in on our Thursday Fight Nights Stream! You can join in on Twitch at 5:30 PM Pacific. Talk the game with our host Brett, or jump in on the open lobby now that you have picked up the game!


Prefer your fights to be a bit of a brawl? Then check out the Beat’em Up/RPG Hybrid Code of Princess! Regain your throne for 50% off, and that isn’t all, for the duration of the sale, you get the OST free (be sure to select the bundle!).

Enjoying Code of Princess? Be sure to enter our Studio Saizensen Week Giveaway for your chance to win a Code of Princess Box Set
(with custom drawing in the case by Kinu Nishimura)
, along with other Saizensen prizes!


But how can we talk Studio Saizensen without Umihara Kawase! You can get the trilogy right now for 70% off! So hop, skip, jump, swing, launch, or drop on over to the Steam store to get in on this deal.

Already a master, join in on our Sayonara Umihara Kawase Time Attack contest. Not a master? Try it out anyway, who knows, you might be a prodigy!

And as a special treat, join us Wednesday, the 29th at 6pm Pacific for a special Umihara Kawase stream, with Mr. Kondou himself answering your questions!


Learn more about all our events on the Studio Saizensen Week Page! Don’t miss out on all the fun and games!


Thanks! VR Sports takes off as our #1 VR Game!

After only two days, our new title, VR Sports has taken off! Thanks to everyone out there that picked it up, VR Sports has become our #1 VR game ever.

And we can see why!

Much like Wii Sports did for the Wii, VR Sports does for the HTC Vive. It is a great game to show off how VR can be used, and is excellent with anyone of any skill level or age.

VR Sports gives you 7 sports to choose from:



Homerun Derby






Japanese Archery


Clay Shooting




Each game requires an entirely different set of skills and control, and you will have difficulty levels perfect for easing you into each one.

And once you’ve masterd the games, you can compete with everyone around the world to be the best VR Athlete, with online ranking!

So pick it up, put on your headset, and be prepared for a workout!


Antagonist Header

Heroes have had the spotlight for far too long! In Antagonist, you get to play as the lead villain (and actor), Dark Lord D’Vil.

Dark Lord D’Vil is a rising star at Evil Productions, a production company that shoots only the most “realistic” video game cutscenes. For D’Vil, and the other villains, it’s just acting. But for the heroes, the scripted events are all too real.

After an incident at the top of a volcano, D’Vil is forced to team up with Hero of Light, Ralph, in an “improvised” adventure. Will you work together to uncover the dark truth behind Evil Productions, or will you clash like true hero and villain?

Antagonist Screenshot 1


Antagonist started out as an entry in the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. It ended up placing 1st in the RPG Category among 100’s of submissions. Degica approached the developer, NIVLACART, about expanding the entry into a commercial game.

NIVLACART worked on/off for the last few years, expanding the story, adding new characters/scenes, enemies, updated art, a “combo system” and much more! The game is now finally approaching it’s full release on Steam, March 17, 2017!

Click here to go to the store page


Antagonist is a Visual Novel/RPG hybrid. The gameplay is broken into two parts: the dialogue scenes and the more traditional RPG turn-based encounters.

Antagonist Screenshot 2

Most of the story is conveyed through dialogue sequences between D’Vil and other characters. Like most visual novels, the player will have dialogue choices to make that will affect the exchange. There are also a few critical decisions that will determine if the player takes the good or evil path.

One of the best aspects of Antagonist is the charming characters and their banter. D’Vil and Ralph have a love/hate relationship that you’ll want to see to the end. D’Vil and Teeth have a fun villain/sidekick dynamic going on, with Teeth always there to keep D’Vil’s ego in check. There are also plenty of familiar faces from other game universes that have taken on “punny” alter egos. RPG Maker veterans like Eric, Terence, Yvla, Ulrika, and Bennett also make an appearance.

Antagonist Screenshot 4

When it’s time for an encounter, the game will switch to a combat scene. Combat plays out in an Active Time Battle System, with both the player and enemies taking turns. The player can control D’Vil, but his partner is AI controlled.

Later in the game, you will be able to perform “combo” or “follow up” attacks. If you time D’Vil’s action with your partner’s action, you’ll be able to perform a devastating combination attack! Some of these will also change the properties of the attack, e.g. a damaging attack becomes a buff. Skill descriptions will often give hints into which skills combine and their effects. These need to be used tactically to overcome later encounters!

antagonist cutscene

Antagonist also doesn’t slouch on the presentation. It has beautiful, hand-drawn portraits and CGs, and a rockin’ soundtrack!

Antagonist hits Steam March 17, 2017! Click here to go to the Steam Store page and make sure to add it to your Wishlist to be notified when it becomes available!


Shmups Beginner Advice Tips #3

Time for another set of Shmup tips from Nick, our community manager and Shmup newbie. In our previous articles, we’ve discussed 6 small tips for beginners. Let’s look at 3 more, this time, we look at positioning and movement!

And of course, remember, these are all very basic, and just, of course from my own experiences. I’m sure some experts out there could school me on a few of these.

Tip 7: You have 4 directions to dodge!

I know this seems kind of obvious. Really. Really it does. But sometimes, when you get playing, you focus mostly on left and right (or up and down for side scrollers), and just sort of… well forget the other two directions exist.

And games like XIIZEAL give you a few more reasons to remember to move forward and backwards.

And games like XIIZEAL give you a few more reasons to remember to move forward and backwards.

Quite a few attacks are much easier to dodge by going forward or backward rather than side to side, and you can also use forward and back to throw off the “rhythm” of tracking shots.

Tip 8: Find a good default position

Usually, when I’m playing, I find the default position for my ship when I’m not being harassed or trying to target things.

Obviously, the best position during this time is halfway from each side (or top to bottom on a sidescrolling game). Some people prefer all the way to the back to have the longest time to react to things, but I personally like to be one ship length away from the back, which gives me a bit of room to dodge backwards.

This position in EXZEAL is about where I tend to hang out.

This position in EXZEAL is about where I tend to hang out.

Now, the better you know a stage, the more you’ll know where you need to be during each lull, but this position gives you a pretty good chance to get into the proper position when enemies do start coming.

Tip 9: All else being equal, dodge towards the center

If a bullet is coming for you, and you can dodge left, or dodge right. If all else is equal (not heading towards a target, there isn’t a giant laser beam on that side, etc), you should dodge towards the center.

One of the things that kills me the most in shmups isn’t missing a dodge, it is completely running out of room to dodge. And the fastest way to do that is to consistently run to one edge.

Running out of room to run in this Crimzon Clover World Ignition capture!

Running out of room to run in this Crimzon Clover World Ignition capture!

Always try to give yourself an out, and dodging towards the center gives you the most outs.

So what do you think? These tips still going the right direction? Do your expert eyes see some flaws in my strategy? Tell me in the comments below.



Our Valentine’s Sale is Fluttering Away


Valentine’s Day is passed, but there is always room for more love! And you have until Monday 10am Pacific to pick up these loving deals, and more, on Steam! So don’t be shy, take a chance. Your great love could be right around the corner!


Nursing school is hard. Especially for a wishy washy, floating jellyfish of a student who only seems to be there because she wrote in a book as a child that she wanted to be a nurse.

Asky will have to learn about growing up, nursing, and love, in the yuri visual novel Nurse Love Addiction! Will you be there to guide here through? Buy it during the sale to get 40% off and the soundtrack for free!


Can love survive Alternate wartorn realities? Play as Takeru, a normal high school boy, in the first two parts of the Muv-Luv Saga. First, experience a tongue in cheek high school comedy romance. But right when things are seeming to make sense. Right when everything has settled down and it is happily ever after.

It is time for war. Takeru awakens in a war-torn version of his world. Many things are the same. His friends are mostly still there, though they don’t remember him. His school is still there, though it is now a military academy… Can he figure out what to do, and how to save humanity? Buy now to get Muv-Luv for 40% off and experience this critically acclaimed visual novel today!

Check out these deals, and all of the other great deals on Degica Games, ending this Monday. Also be sure to check out the new giveaway entries to give yourself more chances to win!

And most of all. We hope you had a great Valentine’s and continue to have a lovely weekend!



It is the time of year for Love. And we of course, have a love for a great many people and a great many games.

We, of course, love our wonderful fans, and this makes it the perfect time to share with you the splendid games we love. So, let cupid find your heart with one of the games below, or one of the many others for sale.

And be sure to check out our giveaway, and visit every day for more ways to enter!


And if there is one thing we know we love, it is mass destruction. And with Copy Kitty, that is what you can unleash. With the ability to combine the powers of your enemies, you end up with more ways to electrocute, burn, explode, or just knock enemies silly than you can shake a stick at!

Get it now for 25% off, and be prepared to enjoy the giant new content update coming this week!


The boys and girls of Kokurase are prepared to swing into action for the season, discovering new and creative ways to make sure love finds the right path!

Join the Cupid’s Helpers club in Episode 1 for free, then pick up the entire series for half off! And don’t forget that for the 13th, this is our Giveaway’s highlighted game, so be sure to get your entries!


And of course, be sure to join us on Thursday, at 5:30pm Pacific on Twitch for Thursday Fight Nights! You can join in with the all female fighting game Koihime Enbu, currently 50% off. Join the open lobby for this reimagining of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and play against our host Brett, as well as other fans, with more chances to win prizes in chat.

So don’t miss out on these deals, and more! Don’t save all those treats for everyone else, be sure to buy some for yourself!



Hey DARIUSBURST fans, we’ve got two fantastic announcements to drop on you today!

First up, we have the next set of crossover DLC for DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours. We’ve seen Sega. We’ve seen CAVE. We’ve seen 8ing, and even ships from some of Taito’s own games.

But now, we are here to introduce, three new DLC, to be available February 16th, featuring ships from games from Capcom!


Each with a new ship, new stages, and new music, remixed from the original Capcom games by Yasuhisa Watanabe, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, and Daisuke Matsumoto.

You’ll be able to buy each individually for $4.99 USD, but you know you can’t settle for just one, go ahead and plan to buy the bundle with all three for $11.97 USD.

Alpha from Side Arms Hyper Dyne


You won’t be alone when Alpha joins with Beta!


  • Alpha is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Join Alpha and Beta for the ultimate combination.
  • All the original powerups and bonus items including Yashichi!
  • Four main weapons: Bit, Shotgun, Mega Bazooka Launcher, and 3-Way
  • Unique stages with remixes by Yasuhisa Watanabe


Side Arms Hyper Dyne

Saber from Varth: Operation Thunderstorm


Planet Varth wasn’t the final battle! Saber returns!


  • Saber is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Switch between two pod modes (Fuzzy or Front) to protect your ship.
  • Pods can fire homing missiles or napalm.
  • Go podless through an entire stage for a special bonus!
  • Unique stages with remixes by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki


Varth: Operation Thunderstorm

Gambler from Progear


This is a gamble worth taking!


  • Gambler is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Switch between the Fighter Shot and Gunner Shot.
  • Collect jewels and rings by utilizing both shots.
  • Bomb like crazy, or save them up for x2 mode!
  • Unique stages with remixes by Daisuke Matsumoto



And for our second announcement: DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours is receiving two physical PS4 editions in English!

First, will be the regular edition, which will include the Darius Odyssey Digital Art Book (note: book text is in Japanese).

But for the true fan, we will have the Limited Edition! This version will include the Darius Odyssey Artbook, an exclusive cover design by Kanetake Ebikawa, an Original Arrange Album 2 CD, and a pair of Silver Hawk Burst Figures. We won’t judge if you decide to fly them around your desk while making your own sound effects.








Both versions will be available exclusively from Limited Run Games.

So which of the 3 Capcom DLCs are you most looking forward to? Are you going to pick up the limited edition PS4 game? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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