Steam Autumn Sale, Fight Nights, and Beat Downs


The trees’ colors are turning, and your yard is slowly collecting with leaves. Time to get out there with the rake.

WRONG! It is clearly time to buy a slew of great games, and punch, kick, and fireball your way to victory.

The leaves will go away on their own, right?


To kick off our sale, we’re having our weekly Thursday Fight Nights, tonight, Wednesday the 23rd at 4pm Pacific! We’re so excited we forgot how the days of the week work!

Join us tonight as host Brett hosts open lobbies for these two great fighters, both on sale!


Koihime Enbu is straight up a fundamental footsies based fighter. Like the Street Fighter style? Then Koihime Enbu is right up your alley. The cast of 13 characters are based on famous figures from the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms with just a little twist. All of them are gender bent female versions of the characters.

Join in tonight to get a look at this great game, and pick it up on Steam during the sale for a staggering 50% off!


Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena, published by our friends at Studio Saizensen, is also going to be on sale, and on show in our stream! This fighter, based on Sega’s Shining series, is still footsies based, but with a lot more going on.

Master the use of your Action Point, Force Action, and Support Link Gauges to overpower your opponent, with anything from wolf claws to a giant popsicle. Try the free demo, see the game tonight, and then see the game in your Steam library for 35% off!


In the mood for a different style of frantic fight-fest? Why not try one of our beat’em ups, like fan favorite Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds!

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds features cute, pixel based chibi graphics, with awesome arcade action beat’em up gameplay. Play local multiplayer, or online with your friends! Punch your way through Tokyo locales as you make your way to the evil wizard Phantom, and a win

At 80% off, there is no reason NOT to buy this game for yourself, and three of your friends!


Still need some more beat’em up action. Try out Code of Princess, the beat’em up RPG hybrid!Play as one of four characters through the Campaign Mode, or play as countless others in additional modes. Master combos, power up your characters, and fight with or against your friends in

Play as one of four characters through the Campaign Mode, or play as countless others in additional modes. Master combos, power up your characters, and fight with or against your friends in coop and competitive online modes!

Code of Princess is currently 40% off, so make sure to get it before the sale endsBut that isn’t all, take a look at the sales on all

But that isn’t all, take a look at the sales on all Degica Games products, and be sure to enjoy the wonderful Autumn weather by staying inside and playing all your new games!


Kokurase Ep 2: New Client, New Target, New Complications


The Cupid’s Helpers Gang has managed to sort out their first episode with your help (And if not, what are you waiting for, download it for free now!), but now, it is time for a next job. Can Kokurase help another student confess their love?

The Client: Kotaro Hino


Kotaro Hino. A second year honor student, he’s definitely got the brains.

He’s also a pushover. Timid to a fault, everyone is always asking him for help, and he never knows how to say no. But he has a problem. He wants to ask out Madoka Asagaya, and when you are as timid as he is, well that is where the team comes in.

The Target: Madoka Asagaya


Madoka Asagaya, also a second year honors student, is the target. Kotaro will never do this on his own, so he needs our help. She is kind and helps out everyone. Everyone sees her as the big sister, and she fills the role.

But she’s also worried about her childhood friend, Musashi, and that could lead to some problems…

The Complication: Musashi Tachikawa


Rude, insensitive, and always ready to throw down, Musashi Tachikawa has been friends with Madoka since they were little. He hates snobby honor students, but even with all his flaws, he does have that childhood connection, and he is good looking…

Can Kokurase complete this mission? We won’t know without your help. Pick up Kokurase Episode 2 when it releases tonight!


Thursday Fight Nights, Join in the Fun


We’ve been hosting our Thursday Night Fights for nearly two months, now, and they are really taking off!

Our host, Brett, has been teaching, commentating, and losing way too many times at Blade Arcus and Koihime Enbu for our staff’s comfort.

Every week, you too, can join in the chat, and even join in the open lobby of Fighting game beatdowns.

And in the coming weeks, we have a few special things.

Wednesday, November 23rd: Thursday? Fight Night!

Next week, to avoid the American Thanksgiving, we are moving Thursday Fight Night to Wednesday, to give you a special edition of Thursday? Fight Night! There is some fun extra things coming along with it, but you’ll have to wait and see!

Thursday, December 8th: Nothing!

We’ve been keeping it up week after week for 2 months! It is time to take a break. Both Brett and our resident Community Manager Nick will be on vacation on the 8th, so we’ll not have a Fight Night this week. Feel free to jump online with both Koihime Enbu and Blade Arcus to play among yourselves though.

Thursday, December 29th: Koihime Enbu Fight Night Tournament!

We’ll be hosting a tournament for Koihime Enbu to round out the year for our Fight Nights! End the year by trying to be the best Gender Bent Romance of the Three Kingdoms character you can be! We’ll be announcing sign ups in the coming weeks, but make sure you are prepared to fight it out.

And of course, keep showing up every other Thursday, too, for more Open Lobby fun!


Kokurase: Meet the Team


They are Kokurase, the Cupid’s Helpers, and they specialize in helping other students find love. In the first episode, our team is helping the shy Sakura capture the heart of chick magnet Yoshimitsu? Do you have what it takes to take this team to victory? Here is your team:


Genji is the man with the plan. Only he can tie together all the threads into a single tapestry to ensure that Kokurase’s plans go off without a hitch. He knows his team, and exactly what they are capable of. Which means he gets to send them off on tasks while he takes a nap in class.

But when the time comes, he has everything you need to get the job done.


Let’s see, what can we say about Meg…

No really, what can we say? Meg is… a person? We think? I mean, I suppose she could be a robot but that isn’t likely, right?

Meg is a mystery.


This is Kanta. He sees things. Like ghosts. And auras. And through walls. Kind of creepy right? (or it is just his imagination, which is probably more likely)

But nobody is better at Kanta than gathering info, thanks to his… gifts.


And the newest member, Riho. She’s the… bubbly part of the crew. If you ever need energy, happiness, and sunshine, she’s your girl. Just don’t expect her to do it perfectly, she’s bound to mess up somewhere.

These four, with your help, will help Sakura find love. Are you ready for the challenge? Pick up Kokurase’s first episode for free today!


Code of Princess and Crimson Room on Sale on Humble Bundle!

The Humble Store is having their Birthday Sale, and several of our titles have joined in on the celebrations! Which one will you choose? Or will you just choose them all! Remember a percentage of all purchases goes to charity, so it is a win for everyone!


Maybe you want to pick up Code of Princess? Studio Saizensen’s RPG Brawler hybrid will have you participating in knock down, drag out fights for hours and hours, and then jump in versus with friends with a ridiculous number of playable characters, from NPC old ladies to dragons! Pick it up for 35% off on the Humble Store!


Or something a little… creepier perhaps? In Crimson Room “Decade” you are trapped in a room, trying to figure out the mystery of what happened to your ancestor, while also needing to find a way out yourself. Solve the puzzles, discover the truth, and make your way to safety. 50% off on Humble Store today!


Or perhaps jump and swing into action in the Umihara Kawase Trilogy! In a surreal world of floating platforms and enemy fish, you will have to figure out how to manipulate the physics of your line and hook to get around in this puzzle platformer. Easy to learn, difficult to master, this series has been a cult classic in Japan for years. And now you can get the whole trilogy for 65% off on the Humble Store!

So celebrate with the Humble Store, get some great games, and help support charity!


Getting Better at Shmups: Flow

A lot of people pick up Shmups, hit a wall in difficulty, and then drop back out immediately. They can’t escape the “noob” stage of playing shmups, and end up just dropping them altogether because they are too hard.

And looking around, there aren’t really that many good resources for advice on beginners to the genre, rather than specific advice for specific games.

Such as our own series on Mushihimesama.

Such as our own series on Mushihimesama.

So as someone who is working from newbie to mediocre, where I think the real fun of playing most types of video games starts, I’ve decided I’ll share some of my experiences on how to escape from noobness.

In my next article, I’m going to try to cover specific techniques. But in this one, I’m going to focus on one thing only:


Flow is a psychological state that I’m sure every gamer knows, whether they are aware of the specific name of it or not. Being “in the zone”.

Flow is the point where you have that eyes glaze over feel where you stop thinking, and start just reacting. Where you feel like you can see everything without focusing on any one point, and you seem to be manipulating the controls without even being aware of it. The outside world just completely shuts down and all you can see is the game.

This is the biggest key to getting better. When I get dialed in, my points in Judgement Silversword literally jump by a few million. When I get dialed in, I can get passed the second judge without losing a single life.

Which Magnificence has actually become one of my favorite parts of the game. The patterns are fun.

Which Magnificence has actually become one of my favorite parts of the game.

So how can you induce flow?

1. Play in a place with little to no distractions.

If there isn’t anything to break you out of your concentration, you are more likely to hit a flow. I notice that if I’m playing with all my messengers on my computer turned off, I do a whole lot better than if I’m playing during the boring parts of a work meeting. They always seem to want me to answer a question the moment I get in the zone… like I’m at work or something.

2. Always play at a difficulty just above what you are comfortable with.

If you play something too easy, you don’t need the flow state to survive. You can sit and think and quietly go about the game without trying to hard. If you play at a level that is way beyond you, it will induce too much anxiety, and you’ll probably stress and shut down rather than hitting flow.

If you are playing something exactly in the right challenge level, it will push you towards flow without overwhelming you. Make sure to check out any difficulty settings. There is no shame in starting on Easy and working your way up! Just keep challenging yourself little by little.

Novice mode exists in DoDonPachi Resurrection for a reason. If you need it, USE IT!

Novice mode exists in DoDonPachi Resurrection for a reason. If you need it, USE IT!

3. Just don’t overthink.

It is easy to do the “what SHOULD I do here” stuff, but save that for after the game is through. Watch your replays to find better methods to handle stuff, then try it out. But DURING your game, don’t focus on what comes next. Just let your actions flow, think in the moment, not about what is coming in the next wave.

There are plenty of extra ways to help induce flow state. Little rituals and Psychological tricks, but it should be very easy to do with Shmups. As a game genre, they are pretty much designed to do induce it.

How often do you hit Flow state? How much better does it make you? Tell us about it in the comments below.


Steam Halloween Sale! Deathsmiles Score Attacks!


The Steam Halloween Sale has opened the doors to its wares, and it’s the season for some scares, so check our offers if your wallet dares!


Witches, ravens, and ghouls, all await you in Deathsmiles, the CAVE bullet hell shooter, the perfect shmup for the season for 50% off!

To celebrate, we’ve also opened up two score attack competitions! Ready your spells and familiars, and make sure to read the full rules. If you want a few tips on scoring, why not drop by our Bullet Time with Yom featuring Deathsmiles, October 28th on our twitch at 7pm Pacific!

Need some spooky tunes to get in the Halloween spirit? All of the Deathsmiles soundtracks are also on sale!


What happened all those years ago in the Crimson Room? Can you discover the mystery and, more importantly, make your own escape

Search around the room for every clue, tool, and puzzle to learn the truth in Crimson Room “Decade” for 50% off!


The year is 1995. And something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Your daughter has disappeared, the city has fallen to an unimaginable disaster, and you must find out why, in this love letter to the survival horror games of the Playstation era. So take a trip Back in 1995.


Ready for some classic 1930s horror?

Step into the world of Mythos: The Beginning, make your own character, and explore the world of 1930s Horror London in this Survival Horror RPG for 75% off!

Get spooky games. Get spooky soundtracks. Get spooky prizes in spooky contests. Don’t miss out on all the Degica Games fun in the Steam Halloween Sale!

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Degica Games Weekend Sale: Time is Running Out!


It’s Sunday and that means time is fast running out on the Degica Games Steam Weekend Sale!

The sale ends tomorrow at 10am Pacific, and while there is still time to get involved with one of our many, many events, the chance to buy any one of our games for low, low, prices is slipping away!

So what kind of deals could you get?


Ready for some beat em up brawler action? Then pick up Studio Saizensen’s Code of Princess for 35% off! This brawler/RPG hybrid has hours and hours of fun, customization, and challenge.

As an added bonus, we’ve added Steam Trading Cards, just in time for the sale!


Or maybe you are interested in a game that spends less time with action, and more time tugging at your heartstrings? Then try out Nurse Love Addiction, a visual novel about life, love, and medicine.

Already have the game? Then why not treat yourself to the Original Soundtrack?


In the mood for something else? There is definitely at least one game in our catalogue for you, and now is the time to buy.

And don’t forget to jump in on our massive Giveaway with free Degica Games and $1,000 in Steam Wallet Code Prizes! Enter today for your chance to win!

The clock is ticking. Don’t let time run out on these amazing deals!


Degica Games Steam Weekend Sale, Events and Challenges!


It’s the Degica Games Steam Weekend Sale! And that means it is time to pull out all the stops.

More Streams, New Games, New DLC,  New Challenges, and deep deep discounts; we have it all! Make sure to check our Steam Weekend Sale Event and Release Page for a full list of the news, or keep reading for a few highlights!

With Super Players…


Our first Stream of the sale will be our regularly scheduled Thursday Fight Nights!

But there is nothing regular about this week. Join us from 7-10pm Pacific, when our normal host Brett is joined by legendary Fighting Game Champion Justin Wong, giving you the chance to test your mettle against one of the best of the best!


One of two games Justin Wong will be playing in our stream, you can pick up this fundamentals-heavy footsie based fighter starring gender-swapped versions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms characters for half price!

Easy to pick up, difficult to master, Koihime Enbu is the perfect fighting game for anyone!


And for the second game of the night, we brought in our good friends at Studio Saizensen’s game Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena.

Developed and published by Saizensen, Blade Arcus brings characters from the long-running Shining series by Sega into a highly intricate fighting game where the key is knowing and balancing all of your resources: knowing when to use each for powerful offense, or lifesaving defense.


What better way to celebrate a recent release, and a big sale, than with score attack competitions!

The game: DoDonPachi Resurrection. The Challenge: The High Score. The Prize: More CAVE Games & DLC

You can find full rules for this contests here! So launch DoDonPachi Resurrection, and climb the ladder to glory.


Our second score attack, is also the second Judgement Silversword Contest we’ve held this month! Following our journey into Paradiso, it is time for a decent into the new Inferno Contest, get the details here!

And to compete, you can pick up Qute’s Judgement Silversword Resurrection for 40% off on the sale!


And many many more games are on sale, including such amazing deals as a whopping 80% off of the brawling beat’em up Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, or 75% off the high flying RPG Skyborn!

Make sure to go to the Sale Page to see the full list of games that you can pick up for a great price.

So take a look at all our releases and events, and be sure to also take a look at the RPG Maker Learning Together Game Jam.

Get some games. Watch some streams. Smash some scores.




Per “pestro87” Strand & Luke “Aquas” Schirmer have covered the basics of Mushihimesama. They’ve covered the modes. They’ve covered Levels 1&2 and 3&4. Now it is time for them to finish off this guide: Stage 5 and the True Last Boss!

Stage 5


The final stage of the game takes us back into the forest but this time, you will discover a plethora of new enemies.

During the first half of Stage 5, you will encounter the same large moths that you fought on Stage 2 but there are also bushes that unleash a fearsome load of bullets along with larger plants that open a lid. As the lids are opened, large quantities of tiny insects will fly out and the plants will also fire bullets. Upon destroying these enemies all bullets on the screen will be cancelled.The difficulty has been raised yet again but

The difficulty has been raised yet again but, fortunately, there are quite a few bullet cancels this time around. You want to destroy most of the enemies as quickly as possible before too many bullets flood the screen and then cancel the remaining bullets using the larger plants.

The mid-boss is a flying insect that has a few patterns that can be challenging at first, so it is recommended to practice fighting it a few times. One of the final patterns on his first form can be challenging on Ultra, where he shoots a fixed pattern of bullets and then a more erratic pattern of smaller lines on top of that. On Maniac and Arrange mode you can get through this pattern with careful tap-dodging.

After the mid-boss, a few new types of enemies will appear. Enemies that shoots out lines of bullets, followed by a series of large bullets and ant-like bugs that shoot out a large burst of bullets. The larger ants will cancel all bullets when they are destroyed. It is important to not leave too many enemies on the screen here, as it is easy to get trapped. This can be a very tricky section on the MAX difficulties, so it is beneficial if you have planned out a route beforehand.

The fifth boss is Aki standing on top of a large bug. Certainly not an easy boss fight but not one of CAVE’s harder boss fights. The first couple of patterns can be dodged on reaction but it is good to practice the later faster patterns in Training Mode so that you are prepared for them. The final pattern can be especially difficult.

True Last Boss (TLB)


Exclusive to Ultra mode. Appears if you manage to clear the entire game without using continues.As Aki falls off of the large bug that he was using to fight you during the fifth boss battle, a smaller bug rescues him from his fall and so the TLB fight begins. Notoriously difficult boss among shmup fans. Bombing during the boss won’t do any damage to him and if you shoot the boss before he has fully recovered from the bomb (this is indicated by a white aura around him) he will shoot out a stream of bullets.

On top of that, his final pattern is legendary for its difficulty. He spawns round shapes filled with bullets in the center of the screen. The bullets then move outwards. Due to the density of the patterns and how he spawns these shapes, each fight against the boss during the last phase won’t be exactly the same.

You also have to wait for the boss to recover after you have dropped a bomb and by that time the bullets will have flooded the screen once again. Over time, players have come up with various strategies for this form but the concepts are mostly the same: drop a bomb to clear all bullets and trick the boss into spawning mass of bullets in a favourable location so that you can dodge the bullets on reaction, while maximizing the amount of hits that you can get in on the boss. Once it gets too hard to dodge bullets again you drop another bomb and then rinse and repeat.

The boss remains largely the same between 1.0 and 1.5 with the main noticeable difference is that the revenge bullets that he shoots out if you shoot him before he has recovered have a trickier pattern on 1.0 than on 1.5 and Arrange Mode. The final pattern is also much easier on Arrange Mode.

This is a truly remarkable boss that will forever be remembered (and feared) by enthusiasts of the shmups genre.

And that concludes our CAVE Strategy Sessions for Mushihimesama! Join us in the future, when we look at another CAVE game!