This Contest Has Been The Bomb: Clarice Illustration Contest Results!

The Clarice Bomb Illustration contest gave everyone a chance to be immortalized in the game, with their art becoming one of Clarice’s bomb in the Clarice DLC for Game Tengoku.

Congratulations to all 20 artists who submitted pieces, see the full gallery here. We are glad to have fans that are as excited to see this game as we are!

It was a good fight, with some amazing illustrations, but in the end, we must pick the winners.

1st Place:  Hirohiroki

A great rendition of Clarice and her beloved Claricecar being pursued by the police. Congratulations!

2nd Place: Kanouchi

The mysterious, blonde (fake?!) Clarice, from “Gunbare! Game Tengoku”, the sequel to Game Tengoku. Will her relationship with the ‘true’ Clarice ever be explained?! Excellent work!

3rd Place: Jonathon

Clarice as she would have appeared in Cannonball Run, perhaps? And her ever-present Claricecar in tow. A great illustration with a well thought out catch-phrase too.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and be sure to pick up the Clarice DLC, available now!

For all the fans waiting on the EN release: Remember, you can buy on Steam now, and receive the EN release when it releases, a release that is getting closer and closer.

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