Every Upcoming Degica Game (That is Announced)

Phew. We got a lot announced right now coming up this month (and further!), across several genres.

It can get hard to keep up with them all, so let’s look at all four of our upcoming announced games!

A-Train PC Classic


This one has already been out on Steam in Japan, but now, this modern transportation simulator with classic graphics is coming to the International community in English!

As the CEO of a major transportation company, help the city grow as you extend the transportation network throughout! Face many different challenges with scenario-based gameplay, or just keep playing freeform after you’ve finished. Think you’ve mastered the game? Play scenarios in the Steam Workshop made by fans, or make your own to share!

A-Train PC Classic will be released in English on June 8th!


Symphonic Rain

Part Visual Novel, part Rhythm, in Symphonic Rain, you play as Chris Vertin, on his way to becoming a master musician at the Piova Communial School of Music.

Set in the city of Piova, the city of music and endless rain, Chris is just weeks from graduation… but he has yet to pick a vocal partner for his final examination!

Wishlist today, and pick up Symphonic Rain on June 14th!


Castle of Shikigami


For the first time fully translated in English, the classic shmup Castle of Shikigami is coming to PC!

A supernatural mystery awaits, as in the Summer heat, body after body is found by the police. Play as one of six special investigators brought in to solve the crime. Each with their own unique powers, you can master one, or master them all for even more hours of gameplay. A werewolf, a witch, a Shinto priestess, and more…

Castle of Shikigami is coming your way June 16th!


Senko no Ronde 2


A hybrid of Fighting and Shmup game play, Senko no Ronde 2 is a reboot of Senko no Ronde DUO from 2010.

Featuring a faster, more refined 1 v 1 combat system of long range and melee assaults, pilot your Rounder, transform to execute your B.O.S.S. attack, and explore online matches, local battles, and an involved single player story mode!

Do you have the skills to become a top Rounder pilot?

Senko no Ronde 2 is coming to Steam Q3/Q4 this year!


With four games coming from Degica, you have a lot to look forward to! So make sure to add the ones you want to your wishlist, and be prepared to build, sing, shoot or slash your way through another amazing experience.

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