Eternal Destiny: New Update, New DLC

Hello there, Eternal Destiny fans, a new update just hit Steam!

This update adds more challenge, raises the level cap, and opens up some new strategies for your decks with Attribute Slots!


Added in the Update:

  • Level Cap Breaker: Now you can increase your cards’ levels to a maximum of 1000 by winning Level Cap Breaker battles! Additional skills will be obtained when your card level reaches 100, 500, and 1000.
  • Attribute Slot & Super Slot: Attribute slot such as water and flame and super slots with double-strength effect have been added! They are available in Challenge mode, Level Cap Breaker, and the new DLC.
  • New Commander Battle: Like a minesweeper, now you can obtain various items by winning the new commander battle!
  • Challenge Mode: Challenge mode now open with new three levels.

And with a new update, a new DLC!

Challenge the new Attribute Sanctuaries! 48 new dungeons built around the new Attribute Slots!


Included in Eternal Destiny – Attribute Sanctuaries:

  • Dungeon: Attribute Sanctuaries – Easy (16 Attributes)
  • Dungeon: Attribute Sanctuaries – Normal (16 Attributes)
  • Dungeon: Attribute Sanctuaries – Hard (16 Attributes)
  • Bonus: Unevolved Card Set from Ranking Mode

* Many cards that do not appear in standard card packs are also introduced in this DLC.

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