Coming Soon: Triangle Service’s Shmups Skill Test and Minus Zero!

Degica Games is proud to announce that two amazing games from Triangle Service, the first wave of Shooting Love 200X, will be coming soon to Steam! Shmups Skill Test will hone your shooter skills to a knife’s edge, and Minus Zero will take you to your limits with its minimalist Lock On gameplay! We’ve already seen the brilliance of Triangle Service with our releases of DELTAZEAL and XIIZEAL last year, but the brilliance didn’t stop there.



We know we have a lot of Shooting Game fans out there, but how good are you REALLY? Yeah, you have your high scores, and your 1ccs, but what you really need is a game to judge you like a disappointed Kung Fu master.

In the Shmups Skill Test, you will play through series of minigames to train things like dodging, pattern recognition, shooting precision, and even saving the world through recycling (no, really)! Once you are done, it’s time to see how you did, Shmups Skill Test will tell you how you did in the form of a “Gamer Age”, the younger the better. So what do you think? Are you a young stud shooter. Or is it time to put you out to pasture.



In Minus Zero, the minimalist shooter game from Triangle Service, you have one goal: Lock on and destroy.

Set in an abstract world of geometric shapes, Minus Zero is a pure test of skill. As waves of enemies approach, you use your lock on to unleash powerful attacks. As long as you can keep the pressure on your enemies, you’ll have nothing to worry about. But the moment your concentration slips, your invincibility will abandon you, and if a bullet finds its mark, it’s game over! With no other weapons at your disposal, this game will give you a new and unique shoot’em up experience.

Be prepared to push your shooter skills to the limit by picking up both games on Steam, coming soon.

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