Anime Weekend Atlanta: Post Con Degica Games Wrapup!

It has been a little over a week since we got back from our events at Anime Weekend Atlanta, and it was a blast!

It felt like a whole month of fun, jammed into a single weekend, and I am just now recovering from that much excitement.

So first, we’d like to thank all of the convention staff, in particular: Michael, Sean, Thomas, Kevin, Justin, and anyone else who helped in the PC Gaming Room, or just helped us out over the weekend in general. We couldn’t have put this together without all of you, and it was excellent to work with you to make our tournaments and free play the best they could be.

But I’m sure you are asking, what happened with the tournaments? Then let’s get started:

Tournament 1: Blade Arcus


We were very happy to work with Studio Saizensen to bring a Blade Arcus Tournament to AWA, and this tournament was everything we could have wished for.

Friday afternoon came, and we had around 16 competitors come to the table, for their chance to take home the win. From newbies to fans, all comers battled it out for the chance to be crowned the AWA Blade Arcus Champion.

The Competition was intense, I even saw one competitor literally fall to the floor after the stress of a tough win. And that competitor, in the end, managed to take it all the way to the finals. Winning out, and taking home the top prize.


Congrats Astarte!

Event: DoDonPachi Resurrection Hands-On Preview!


Saturday, we had a surprise event: A first chance hands on with DoDonPachi Resurrection (DaiFukkatsu in Japan)!

This was the first time the public was able to play the PC version of the game, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. One of the AWA Video Gaming staff and hardcore shmup fan, Kevin, took a break from all his hard work specifically to come check it out.

You, too, should check out DoDonPachi Resurrection, coming out later tonight on Steam!

Tournament 2: Koihime Enbu


But the weekend, of course, would not be complete without us bringing our own fighter, Koihime Enbu, to the table.

Going into the tournament, the favorite was MikuruX, who had done well in one of the online tournaments from around release time. He knew the game, and he knew the characters. But he had 19 other competitors fighting to take him down.

But, before long, he had been knocked into the losers bracket. It wasn’t looking good. But he buckled down, and then delivered a series of killer rounds, taking down one person after another, switching from fighter to fighter so they couldn’t learn his patterns on any specific one. Finally, he faced down the person who knocked him into the losers bracket. This time, it did not end the same, and MikuruX took the win!


Congrats to MikuruX and his… hat.

We had a lot of fun showing off Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena and Koihime Enbu at the convention, both during tournaments and in free play, especially with the Hori arcade sticks provided by Hori USA to play on! If you are interested in either of these games, make sure you join us for our Thursday Fight Nights Stream, tonight, Oct 13th, at 4pm Pacific! Host Brett, of UnlimitedBrettWorks, will be playing both games. Jump in for free with the Blade Arcus DEMO, featuring fresh fighters this week.

And thanks again to all the AWA staff that helped, and thanks to all the fans who stopped by. Seeing people play and enjoy these games in person was a true pleasure, and we hope you all continue to enjoy them for a long time.

We are also looking into helping with other events. If you have an event and would like to run a Koihime Enbu or Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena tournament, or even just an exhibition, please contact us at!

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