Meet The Team #1

Hello, fans, time for something completely different! Let’s meet the Degica Games team! This will be a series of articles over the next few months where each of our team members gets to talk a bit about what they do for Degica, and then talk about what their favorite Degica Game is!

Nick – Community Manager

Hi, I’m Nick Palmer, your normal blog post writer, who is going to kick things off for this series! I’m the community manager for Degica Games and RPGMakerWeb (the EN source for everything RPG Maker, if you haven’t checked it out, why not do it now?).


Mostly, what that means is I write tweets, facebook posts, blog posts, sales emails, and am the person who generally responds directly to the fans! It’s a fun job because I get to talk about cool games, to cool people, the things I like to do anyway, but I get to do it for a living. But enough with talking about talking about games, let’s just talk about games instead.


My favorite Degica Game is Pharaoh Rebirth+. This is for many reasons. First of all, Metroidvania is one of my favorite genres. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was on my “play once a year” list for a long time, only to be replaced by Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia a few years back.


So from the start, It was a game that I was going to be called to. What elevates Pharaoh Rebirth+ though is not just its exploration, with really cool movement powers based on the main character’s oddly transforming ears, but its humor. The game is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the more dark and broody atmosphere games out there, with silly characters, silly weapons like the tennis ball gun, and just odd situations (I was not expecting to be attacked by chefs).


So if you are looking for a quirky fun Metroidvania style game, be sure to check out Pharaoh Rebirth+ today.

Mark – Producer
Hi, my name is Mark and I’m a Producer at Degica Games. I mostly work with publishing small indie titles internationally but I also assist with promoting Japanese titles to an English audience.


Most people, even in the industry, don’t really know what a producer does. Depending on the team size, the producer can play many roles. I often work with small teams of 1-3 people, so I manage internal tasking, scheduling, and meetings, as well as serve as the direct connection with the team/product and the public. I manage getting the game onto stores, into conventions, sending out press releases, working with content creators, responding to the community and general PR and promotion. I’m basically the team coach, manager, and cheerleader all wrapped up into one!


If I was giving a producer answer, I’d say all the games I’ve worked on are my favorite! I have a special connection though with OneShot which is a game I discovered and fell in love with before I became a producer. OneShot is a puzzle adventure game with unique meta elements. The original release was only a few hours long but I was enraptured the entire time. The game explored the relationship with the player, character, and world in meta-narrative and mechanical ways that I had never seen done in a game before; and still haven’t!


When I first approached the OneShot team about working on an expanded Steam version of the game, I couldn’t have imagined how big it would get! As a producer, you always hope that a title is successful, but no matter how much you trust the research or your intuition, you never really know until it happens. I’m still working with the team on localizing the game into other languages and expanding it to a much larger audience, as well as planning for future cons and promotional events!


If you’re interested, you can find OneShot on Steam by clicking here!

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