Samurai Sword VR, Try out your swordarm


Unsheathe your katana, don your kabuto, and prepare your shuriken.

It is time to travel back to the land of the Samurai with the Samurai Sword VR and the HTC Vive!

Prove yourself the true samurai master as you compete for the high score across 7 different stages.

Use your sword to slice your way through every obstacle, or master ninjutsu in one of the two kunai and shuriken only stages!


With the HTC Vive, you are part of the action. Play seated or standing like a true samurai warrior, and feel the sword respond to your motions.

Clear all six stages to unlock the final stage, featuring a challenging epic boss fight.


Travel by through Japanese villages, bamboo forests, and fields of cherry blossoms, all backed by a traditional Japanese soundtrack.

What are you waiting for? Show your samurai spirit today!

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