Return from Anime Expo!

Whew, this is Nick, finally recovering from Anime Expo, and there is nothing like a big con to take all the energy out of you!

We returned from Anime Expo nearly two weeks ago, and I’m just now catching back up. So let’s look at some of the fun we had at the con!

Cool Events!

One of the things I was personally in charge of, and which was, of course, a whole lot of fun, was at booth events!

We had two major ones, starting with a live Koihime Enbu Tournament!

Hosted by Brett and myself, the tournament featured a hard fought battle between 27 fighters. With everyone huddled around the final matches, the victor was finally crowned!


All hail LoliMaiko, carrying home his prize!

The next day, we had another contest, this time featuring a game we brought to show off for our friends at Mages, Bullet Soul Infinite Burst! This time it was a Caravan Mode Score Attack contest. Score as many points as you can in 2 minutes, with aggressive play and daring maneuvers!


This one went to WaywardSera, who hovered around the booth all day to learn the game! He, too, took home a sweet tower PC.

First Looks!

Along with bringing some old favorites, Anime Expo was a time of first looks for the US!

On top of being the first look at the PC version of Bullet Soul Infinite Burst, Anime Expo was the first US hands on with Senko no Ronde 2, the Arena Fighter game that smashes shmups with 1v1 fighting games.


And also the first time Degica has shown off Rival Megagun stateside, an engaging 1v1 pure shmup, where you out survive your opponent, or power up to take him down in boss mode yourself!


But of course, we also just got a wonderful chance to talk to fans and to make new fans! Most of the time, we see you all online, and we always appreciate the kind words, but seeing so many of you in person, getting to talk the games and see you right in front of us, it is a special feeling, one that makes us especially proud to do the work we do.

So thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, we hope to catch you all again!


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