CEOtaku Roundup!

Hello, everyone. It was great to be at CEOtaku last weekend!

Jebailey and his crew put on an amazing set of tournaments, and did such an amazing job of taking care of things, that our team on the ground got to focus on just the fun part of talking to the fans, old and new! So once again, a big shout out to the CEOtaku crew!

We had two main goals for the weekend, help make the Koihime Enbu tournament at CEOtaku better with some cool signed prizes, and to show of Senko no Ronde 2, and we feel that both were a big success.

The Koihime tournament was a blast, with an amazing field of competitors, but one rose above the rest. Far, far above the rest.

Garireo, flying in all the way from Japan just wrecked the competition (he also took the BlazBlue tournament as well, in an incredibly dramatic fashion). No one else could compare, and he was the clear CEOtaku Koihime Champion!

Congratulations to everyone who played, and good luck with your practice for next year, I’m sure Garireo will be waiting for you!

We also had a ton of fun showing off Senko no Ronde 2! Tucked in our booth in the front of the ballroom, we got to show it to a ton of people, and everyone who sat down and played had a lot of fun!

Hopefully, all those who enjoyed it will pick it up and join the great online Senko community we are building!

Thanks again to everyone who came by to check it out! CEOtaku was an amazing event, with some moments of absolutely heartstopping excitement, and if you are at all into Anime Fighters, you owe it to yourself to make it to Orlando next year!

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