A Look Back on 2016



The Steam Winter Sale continues, as the new year approaches. and while it is important for us to tell you all about the many many games on sale, there is something else we should talk about, too.

Overall, I think looking back at 2016, people will see it, good or bad, for the entire world, as a year of change.

Whatever your opinion on the change in the rest of the world, for Degica Games, 2016 has been a year of overwhelming positive growth, and we owe all of it to the fans reading this right now.

When January 1st, 2016 rolled around, Degica Games was still a fledgling publisher. We had some indie games. We had a couple of bigger names, like Mushihimesama and Crimzon Clover. But this year, we have delivered game after stunning game.

We released 20+ games in 2016. From fantastic shmups like DoDonPachi Resurrection, TRIZEAL Remix, RefRain ~prism memories


…to Visual Novels like Muv-Luv, Nurse Love Addiction


…to the fighting game Koihime Enbu and then capping off the year with the hit indie game OneShot.


And the changes don’t end there. This year has seen massive changes for us internally. As our game publishing has grown, we’ve seen a lot of new faces, we’ve had a lot of people take on new responsibilities, and we’ve had to learn a lot more on the go.

That team, that has solidified throughout the year, is what allows us to continue releasing the games you want. The games that we feel deserve to be seen around the world.

This year, we went from a group of individuals at a company that publishes some games. To being a team at a game publisher. And we’ll forever be grateful to all the fans that made that possible. Thank you so much for continuing to follow our progress. And we have plenty more to come in 2017!

Have a Happy New Year, and hopefully 2017 will be a great year for us all!

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