Humble Store Degica Games Sale!


It is time for the Humble Store Degica Games sale! Now through Monday, you can get almost all of our games on the Humble Store for super discounts. And not only do you get a great deal, but 10% of all your purchases go to the charity of your choice!

So what game should you check out? All of them! But let’s take a closer look at a few of these excellent games.


Based on the Koihime Musou visual Novel, Koihime Enbu is a fighting game set in a reimagining of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, where all the key figures are women.

This fighter is all about fundamentals, execution, and footsies. Bide your time, find the opening, and hit for a fatal counter enabling you to unleash devastating combos on your opponents for their mistakes!


A world covered in water and beset by fish monsters. That is what aspiring master chef Umihara Kawase must overcome in the platformers in the Umihara Kawase Trilogy.

Kawase must use her fishing hook and line to drop, swing, and propel herself around the stages. Can you master the line and swing to victory?


It is time to dive into the digital world of RefRain -prism memories-! Adventure through this cyberpunk story, hacking into a dangerous system via bullet hell shooter.

In RefRain, you won’t be just dodging bullets. Its unique mechanics encourage a constant offense. Feed off your enemy’s fire, and prepare to release your own barrage!


We also have our fabulous collection of games by Triangle Service all on sale!

These shmups will test you to your limits, with a variety of mechanics, such as ΔZEAL‘s customizable ship, TRIZEAL‘s transforming fighters, XIIZEAL‘s wiggling side shots, EXZEAL‘s multiple ships each with unique behavior, Minus Zero‘s laser focus on the lock on laser, and Shmups Skill Test just literally giving you a test.

Don’t miss out on your chance to grab some great games at great prices! This sale ends at 10:00 AM Pacific Monday, don’t delay!


Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Multiplayer + Kemomimi DLC!


The much awaited Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Multiplayer is now officially LIVE!

Battle with your friends online, either working together or to prove who is truly the best in head to head combat.


The latest update also added a few extra details, such as improved support for controllers, including the XBox One controller!

We know this update has been a long time coming. We’ve been working hard for a very long time to make it happen. And you, the fans, have had extraordinary patience with the process as we figured out all the details.

That is why we have decided to give the brand new Kemomimi DLC to ALL existing owners of Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds on Steam!


What is better than superdeformed cute anime girls beating up monsters? Superdeformed cute anime girls beating up monsters in anime ears of course.

This DLC features a new costume for all four of the main characters, featuring cute animal ears for the heroes.

With one of the main characters selected, press up at the character screen to dress your girl up in her special costume, and beat up your enemies as Cat Mikota, Fox Waka, Bunny Itsuki, or Bear Yuzaha!


So jump back into the game, head online, and scratch, bite, and claw your enemies into submission!


Copy Kitty: Copy Attacks, Combine For Unique Superweapons


From indie duo Nuclear Strawberry comes Copy Kitty, a 2D action game filled to the brim with robots, lasers, explosions, and one cool cat!



Boki can perfectly copy the abilities of anything she fights – but not content with mere mimicry, she can also combine up to 3 abilities at once to form 175 completely unique super-weapons! She wants to be a hero one day, but doesn’t think she’s cut out for the job. To help hone her skills, Boki’s insectoid uncle sends her into virtual reality to do battle with hordes of dastardly robots!

There are 10 basic weapons for you to mix and match as you blast through the game’s many mechanical baddies. As you gather weapons for your combo shot, the unique properties of each one work together to create an exciting super move!


Combining Force (a homing shot) with Wave (a shot that passes through walls) gives you a fairly simple combination of both...

Combining Force (a homing shot) with Wave (a shot that passes through walls) gives you a fairly simple combination of both…


...but add Tornado to the mix, and you create a vicious cyclone that homes in on enemies while launching wall-piercing projectiles across the stage!

…but add Tornado to the mix, and you create a vicious cyclone that homes in on enemies while launching wall-piercing projectiles across the stage!

Gameplay is rather fast-paced, with plenty of shooting, dodging, and platforming. Boki can roll through enemy shots, or kick them to destroy them – or reflect them, if your timing is good enough! You can see what weapon an enemy will drop before defeating it, so you can focus on enemies that will drop useful things for your combo.

Story Mode has over 100 stages and 20 bosses, along with a Hard Mode that features powerful new foes and changes some stage layouts. Copy Kitty’s other main mode is called Endless – fight through a constant stream of randomized enemies as the terrain constantly changes around you. There are over 75 enemy types and 37 total environments, so there’s tons of replay value!

You can play as Savant, too – with the power to levitate and teleport, and 100 new weapons to use! His unique moveset lets you approach levels in a more tactical way, with more choices for exactly how you want to combine your current weapons. He’s more fragile than Boki, though, so you need to be careful.


Savant manipulates computer windows to attack, giving him more options than Boki - if you have the skills to control them!

Savant manipulates computer windows to attack, giving him more options than Boki – if you have the skills to control them!

Copy Kitty is easy to get into, but is full of exhilarating challenges that will keep you coming back for months. It releases on Steam Early Access later today, so you won’t have to wait much longer to get your fix of robot-blasting action!


Nurse Love Addiction: Nao Osachi

Nao Osachi
Voice: Ai Kakuma


Previously, we took a look at Nurse Love Addiction‘s main character Asuka Osachi, today, let’s take a look at her sister and roommate, Nao!

nao1Nao is Asuka’s younger sister, less than a year apart, who shares the same year in school, born so close together to be what is called “miracle yearlings”.

Whereas Asuka just allows the world to just float by, at least, up until her sudden desire to be a nurse, Nao is considered the responsible of the two. She gets her older sister up for school, fixes her breakfast, makes sure she studies…

It really would be a miracle for Asky to make it without her!


Nao truly adores her older sister, and does everything she can to support her, self-appointing herself as Asky’s “super younger sister”.

Nao is smart and capable, but never looks down on her older sister for her failings, or even seems to look at them as failings at all.

She encouraged her older sister to attend the Teito Nursing Academy and even joined her for the experience. Will Asky overcome her dependence on her sister?

Or will Nao dutifully continue to keep her on track, making sure that Asky becomes everything she can be. Find out in Nurse Love Addiction, Available on Steam Now!


Nurse Love Addiction: Giveaway Winners!!


Hi there,

We’re happy to announce the Nurse Love Addiction Giveaway Winners!!

We have 3 grand prize winners who will be receiving a mega prize pack consisting of:

Ultimate fan book of Nurse Love Addiction
●Includes all illustration, CG from game etc… Also cover art specially illustrated by Akira Hayase
●2 Short stories specially written by Kousaka Hio
●Includes huge interview and commentary
●Special bonus: Include the picture book which is actually used in the game
●Size : 29.7 x 21.2 x 1 cm / 754g (edited)
+ Autograph by illustrator Akira Hayase
$50 in Steam Credit

Slack for iOS Upload-2 Slack for iOS Upload-1

Congrats to our winners!!
Cody C
Jennifer B

The following 5 runners up will receive $25 in Steam Credit!
James L
Sing L
David T
Valentin N
Noemi W

And 10 2nd runners up will receive a Degica Games title of their choice!
Andre H
Satsuki T
Marc m
Alba r

All of the winners will be emailed in the next few days!

A huge congrats to everyone who won!
Stay tuned for our next Nurse Love Addiction update featuring Steam Trading Cards!
Bye for now,

The Nurse Love Addiction and Degica Games teams!


Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena Out Now!


Round 1: Fight

Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena, published on Steam by Studio Saizensen is FINALLY HERE!

The 16 character roster features characters afrom the casts of Shining Hearts and Shining Blade from the amazing and storied Shining series from SEGA!



Select your fighter, and select your partner, because you’ll need their help in this exciting fighter taking down your enemies with smart use of Support Link Attacks



Power up your attack bar to activate powerful Super Force Actions



Or perhaps combine the two for an opponent shattering Link Force Attack!



This will be the first time this game has hit international shores, and it is also the first time it has ever had ONLINE NETPLAY!

If you like Anime Fighters, you should definitely check out this Studio Saizensen release! Be sure to grab this beautiful 2D fighting game with character designs by Tony (Albionworks) now and get 20% off until August 4th!

See you online, we’re ready to battle!


Goats on a Bridge Episode 2!


Things have really goat out of hand with Goats on a Bridge, with a whole new episode for you to explore, free for everyone who owns the game!

When it comes to treasure hunting, these little goats aren’t kidding. Cabygon has added 10 whole new levels to the game, with mechanics such as:


Summer and Winter aren't bad, but make sure to look out for FALL!

Summer and Winter aren’t bad, but make sure to look out for FALL!


Time for some ballooning animals.

Time for some ballooning animals.


All he has to do is weight on the switch for his buddy to cross!

All he has to do is weight on the switch for his buddy to cross!

The new update also adds more collectables, wearables, achievements, environments, and bear with us, but Cabygon also had one more cool thing to add:

Noodles the Panda (also rather fond of ramen) can bearly contain his desire to jump, slide, and run his way to treasure, glory, and the occasional dunk in the water along with his buddies, Tempo, Chubbs, and Donut.


So, for the a-bridged version, the Episode 2 update adds:

  • Introducing Noodles the Panda (also rather fond of ramen)
  • 10 levels added with new themes and mechanics
  • 20 collectables and 7 achievements added
  • 8 new costume sets and 15 dyes added to the store
  • 10 new environments (tiles/sea/sky) added to the store
  • 4 original music tracks
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

If you already have Goats on a Bridge, don’t worry, this beary amazing update is yours already. For everyone else, Donut feel baaaaaa-d, you can grab Goats on a Bridge for 50% off on Steam for the next week!



Legendary Loot Giveaway Winners


Hello, everyone, it is finally time to announce our Legendary Loot Giveaway Winners! We would once again like to thank AMD, LG, and CyberpowerPC for supplying some of our prizes, as well as making sure our booth at PAX East had plenty of excellent PC setups for us to use.

We would also like to apologize for the delays on the prize announces. We wanted to make our prize pool as large as we could and unfortunately, this took some time. Much more time than we anticipated. We appreciate your patience and thank you all for entering.

All winners are being contacted by E-Mail, using the E-Mail you provided us, for information on claiming your prize.

Grand Prize: Jordan L from New York


  • Cyber Power PC Gaming Rig
  • LG 34UC98 Ultra Wide Monitor
  • AMD Processor (Details Soon)
  • $500 in Steam Credit
  • HTC Vive Set


  • Kyle P from Idaho
  • Calvin B from Mississippi


  • Connie P from Wisconsin

Code of Princess Card Game with Art and Signature

  • Kat F from North Carolina
  • Addrienne M from Pennsylvania
  • Vijay D from India

Steam Controller

  • James from the UK
  • Whatsofunny from North Carolina
  • Rune S from Sweden
  • Roderick V from Argentina
  • Chris V from the USA

Cave Deathsmiles OST

  • Salehuddin H from Singapore
  • LaTrell B from Mississippi
  • Mark M from South Carolina

Dariusburst T-Shirt

  • Black M from Ontario
  • Elijah F from New Zealand
  • Matt R from California

DoDonPachi T-Shirt

  • mr_pokirby from Ohio
  • Jesse S from British Columbia
  • Alex from Minnesota

Ketsui T-Shirt

  • darkreaver30 from Australia
  • Robert P from British Columbia
  • Necke from Peru
  • Transition T-Shirt
  • Ben K from Illinois
  • Rahul P from India
  • Mister Squeeze from Germany

Muv-Luv Yuuko’s Gift Bag

  • Rahul L from India
  • pobeda42rus from Russia
  • Sergei S from Russia
  • Ryan D B from Ontario
  • Clarisan F from India
  • Victor A R from Mexico
  • Seif S from North Carolina
  • Iavorschi M from Romania
  • James T H from the UK
  • Riven from Russia

$50 RPG Maker Web Store Credit

  • Ivonia C from the US
  • Peter S from Michigan
  • Adarsh V from India
  • Darren A from the UK
  • Kulbir G from Ontario
  • Filipe P from Brazil
  • Knulle from New York
  • Lauren R from Arizona
  • Awal B from New Jersey
  • Alister from Denmark

Degica Game of Your Choice

  • Benjamin H from Germany
  • Kera H from Michigan
  • Simon W from Minnesota
  • Andrey C from Russia
  • Bianca O from Germany
  • Vladas K from Lithuania
  • Melissa C from Texas
  • Brian K from Quebec
  • Fivi_planc from Ukraine
  • Dooski N from California
  • Mohammad S.M from Saudi Arabia
  • Arcon from California
  • NORSE from Australia
  • Patrik K from Croatia
  • jarlesyearl from Spain
  • Lukas S from Czech Republic
  • Duncan S from New Hampshire
  • Mohammad Q from Flordia
  • Anton from Russia
  • Luca M from Italy
  • Alistair S F W from the UK
  • Adrian S from Poland
  • Zach P from the US
  • Marcus2078 from Minnesota
  • David P from Quebec

Need some suggestions for games? Why not try one of these:




Siliconera Giveaway

We also had a giveaway with Siliconera in the comments of the article here. If you commented on the article, and your username is below, you win!

Code of Princess Card Game with Art and Signature

  • Grant Evans

Koihime Enbu Steam Code

  • Daniel Ogena
  • Esteves
  • Josh Lzk
  • Kaitsu
  • omogi_mogi
  • Professor_Icepick
  • Silver Citizen
  • smd
  • Yorkan Yok
  • Zephyr





Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena Coming Soon to Steam!


Originally released in Japanese arcades, and then later for Japanese consoles, Blade Arcus finally makes it’s debut both in English, and for PC with Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena!

Being published by our friends at Studio Saizensen, Blade Arcus has a cast of 16 playable characters, hailing from Shining Hearts and Shining Blade, of the famous Shining series from SEGA!



Utilize the tag team system. Choose two fighters, and switch your active fighter between rounds. During the rounds, call upon your partner to strike your foes with support attacks.



Play through an extensive and fully voiced story mode, featuring the work of superb seiyu such as Yukari Tamura, Nana Mizuki and Rie Kugimiya.



Find and defeat foes and rivals ONLINE. Experience Ranked play for Blade Arcus for the first time, with this never before implemented feature which brings the Battle Arena to the world!



Enjoy aesthetic perfection, with art and character design by the world renowned Tony (Albionworks).



Prepare yourself, for a world of magic and adventure, with Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena, Coming to Steam July 28th!


EXZEAL Preview: Master 4 Powerful Ships


The final wave of Shooting Love 20XX is on the horizon, and it is prepared for an aerial strike! EXZEAL is the sequel that wasn’t afraid of being different. Following up TRIZEAL, it did away with the power up system to instead focus on selecting different units with different strengths and weaknesses. Each unit controls differently, let’s learn about them.

Master one, or master them all, to climb the leaderboards for glory.

Unit 1


Unit 1 features two shots. You can rapid fire to take down small enemies quickly, or you can charge up for a large single blast.

This is a pretty simple ship to use. The large blast will travel through enemies, allowing you to rack up points with its point multiplier per enemy shot with a single blast, while the rapid shot will allow you to quickly take out a large group of small enemies, but for fewer points.

You can also rotate the control stick while charging to reach full charge faster, at the cost of some mobility.

Unit 2


Unit 2 is a little more advanced. The controls are the same as Unit 1, with the rapid shot and charge shot that includes the rotate for faster charging, but it’s charge shot is very different.

Instead of a single powerful shot straight forward, Unit 2 sends out 5 moderate shots. one forward, and one in each diagonal direction, it also has a score multiplier when used.

This allows you to do some interesting things, like hit an enemy’s weak point that is on the back of it, or take out two enemies in different directions at the same time.

Unit 3


Unit 3 is the most simple of all the ships to use. All it has is a strong autofire attack. The one advantage, though, is that unlike the other ships, its rapid shot has a point multiplier!

The multiplier does not go as high as the charge shots of Unit 1 and Unit 2, but you can still get a respectably high score just from how versatile being able to shoot rapidly for high points can be.

This is the best ship for those learning shmups, but if you want something technical, you should probably look elsewhere.

Unit 4


Unit 4 is an entirely different beast. Visiting from XIIZEAL, this ship behaves completely different than the other three. It possesses a rapid shot, but all similarities to the other ships stop there.

The unique ability of this ship is the ability to fire close range side attacks. To activate the side attacks, you will need to waggle from left to right quickly. You can assign this to a button as well, but remember: while waggling, your control of your ship’s movement is impaired significantly. Enemies shot down with your side attacks give you a fairly high point multiplier.

Unit 4 can also shoot weak enemies at close range directly behind it. This is definitely the expert ship of the bunch, but mastering it is a fun challenge.

Unit 5????

There may be a way to unlock an additional unit… but you will need to figure that one out on your own!

Score Attack Competition!

Are you prepared to master one of these ships to get the high score? Then participate in our Score Attack Competition for your chance to win a Steam copy of one of the brilliant OSTs to a Triangle Service title!


Get EXZEAL on Steam tomorrow! And be sure to check out all of the Shooting Love 20XX games: Shmups Skill Test, Minus Zero, and TRIZEAL Remix!