8ing Takes to the Sky in DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours

Hello, everyone! Once again, Adam Milecki, Game Producer for Degica Games, is here to drop some science on you. In case you somehow missed the announcement, Degica has two shiny new DLC packs on the way for DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors (in addition to standard and limited edition physical releases for DBCS)!

The second of the two packs is the 8ing pack. 8ing (also known as Eighting or Eighting/Raizing) is another developer that, like CAVE Interactive Co., Ltd. and others, shares DNA with the father of bullet-hell games, Toaplan. The three games featured in the 8ing pack are BATTLE GAREGGA, Sorcer Striker (Mahoudaisakusen in Japan), and Terra Diver (Soukyugurentai in Japan).


Sorcer Striker (aka Mahoudaisakusen) was released in 1993, before the dawn of bullet-hell, and was a more traditional shmup with a unique medieval-fantasy-yet-futuristic setting. However, it was still a challenging game, full of memorable moments! Sorcer Striker had four characters to choose from: Gain the fighter, Chitta the witch, Miyamoto the (dragon) samurai, and Bornnam the necromancer.

Regarding Sorcer Striker’s English name, “Sorcer” should have been “Sorceror” or even Sorcery/Sourcerous, but the title was decided by the dev team based on previously released games such as Sorcer Kingdom. The Japanese name of the game, Mahoudaisakusen, can be translated as The Great Magic Operation, a title derived from the Poul Anderson SF novel “Operation Chaos”, called Daimaousakusen in Japan.


Terra Diver (Soukyugurentai in Japan) was released in 1996 and was a shmup with lock-on shooting, somewhat similar RayForce (another DLC for DBCS!) Terra Diver used a combination of 2D and 3D graphics to create impressive visuals and a sense of depth. Players were able to attack enemies at any altitude using the N.A.L.S. or “No blind spot All range Laser System”.

Terra Diver’s English name has to do with it taking place on and around Earth (“Terra”) with the “Diver” being a reference to diving through the atmosphere. The Japanese name, Soukyugurentai, is a bit of a mouthful, but it literally means blue (Soukyu) and red (gu) gang (gurentai). The colours represent Earth (blue) and Mars (red), the imagery being that the former is being dyed red by the latter and that the gang is the private strike force that the player characters belong to.


Battle Garegga (Battle Garegga in Japan ^_~) was also released in 1996 and had a visual style one could describe as “futuristic World War II”. Battle Garegga is known for its rather devious and hidden adaptive difficulty as well as its initially more realistic visual take on bullets that made keeping track of the hail of gunfire a challenge. Battle Garegga was designed by Shinobu Yagawa who also worked on Famicom (the NES’s name in Japan) shmup, Recca, a technically, mechanically, and visually brilliant game with a legendary soundtrack from Nobuyuki Shioda.


CAVE Strategy Sessions: Mushihimesama Part III – Stage 1 & 2


Welcome back to CAVE Strategy Sessions for Mushihimesama! We’ve already taken a look at the basic mechanics of Mushihimesama. In Part II, we covered all the modes you can choose from.

Now, it is time to get into the stages themselves. Per “pestro87” Strand & Luke “Aquas” Schirmer are here to tell us about the first two stages in this bug riding adventure. Let’s get this beetle in the air!

Stage 1


Stage 1 contains many larger bugs and semi-large flying bugs. During the first section of the stage, there are also three larva colonies hiding in the tree stumps. The larva colonies can be used for linking the overall counter in between the waves as each larva can be destroyed individually. On Ultra the larvae also shoot out a large spray of suicide bullets when they are destroyed.

As per CAVE tradition, Stage 1 has the lowest scoring potential compared to the other stages. From a scoring perspective, the larger bugs are somewhat lucrative for score on all modes but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t add very much. On Original and Arrange Mode you want to point-blank them and on Maniac/Ultra (no-MAX) you want to hold C and tap A while you shoot them. On Maniac/Ultra MAX you want to hold C on the tree stumps with the windmill on them and then switch to tapping C rapidly as the laser counter turns red.On the other larger enemies you want to slowly tap A and then switch to rapidly tapping C as the laser counter turns red, as outlined previously in the section about enemy specific counters.

On the other larger enemies you want to slowly tap A and then switch to rapidly tapping C as the laser counter turns red, as outlined previously in the section about enemy specific counters.

The Stage 1 boss is the easiest boss in the game but he does have a few patterns that can be challenging on higher difficulties. For the first phase, you want to slowly tap-dodge the first pattern and macro-dodge the fast stream of bullets. During the second phase, there is a safe spot on top of the boss on Ultra for the first bullet pattern.

Stage 2


During the first half of the second stage, you will encounter large moths, ground enemies as well as flying popcorn enemies but most notably are the flower-like enemies that opens and closes their shell. These enemies are invincible when their shell is closed. This makes them lucrative for score as you can build up the counter quickly by point-blanking them during their invincibility period. They will keep their shell closed as long as you stay on top of them. This can be dangerous, though, on Maniac and Ultra as they shoot out bullets when they open their shell.

Once you have reached the half-way point of Stage 2 you will be greeted by the first mid-boss in the game. He has a few tricky patterns that require you to tap dodge through them. On Maniac you want to utilize the “tap A then tap C” strategy as he is very useful for score. This is a re-occurring strategy for the mid-bosses on Maniac, so keep it in mind throughout the game.

On 1.5 Maniac MAX, he is an incredibly useful enemy for increasing your counter in the entire game. For example, by utilizing an A (2/12) and C (1/5) auto-fire rate you can bump up the overall counter from 0 to 800k-900k during the boss fight but you need to prolong the first phase until the boss times out.

If you are playing for score on Original then you want to speed-kill this boss since the overall counter will not go up during the boss fight, only when the boss is destroyed. If you speed-kill him then a few more regular enemies will appear afterwards as well. This is another re-occurring strategy on the mid-bosses in Original mode.

After the mid-boss a new type of enemy will appear, large insects that come from a pit of quicksand. You will fight a couple of these enemies in addition to the regular enemies that you previously fought, before reaching the boss. The insects that appear from the quicksand, fortunately, have an easy pattern to dodge and upon being destroyed they will cancel all bullets on the screen.

Right before entering the second boss fight there is a bit of a gap and you will notice that your counter will decrease a significant amount during this period. As such, you want to keep the flower enemies alive for as long as possible and then destroy the last two flying enemies once the flower enemies are off-screen in order to keep your overall counter from going down too much. This takes a little bit of practice on higher difficulties.

During the first phase of the second boss ,you can destroy six of his smaller legs, three on each side. Each leg will shoot out bullets. You want to apply a combination of micro- and macro-dodges throughout this fight as the bullet patterns are rather varied. A little persistence, and you’ll catch on to the patterns and make it through.

What do you think? Are there any strategies you use in the first two stages  to help your score? Have some questions? Join us in the comments below!

And don’t forget to join us next time as we explore stages 3 & 4!


Shmups: They’re Just Fun

Hi, my name is Nick Palmer, I’m the community manager for Degica Games. And I have a confession to make: I don’t really play a lot of shmup games.

Luckily, we have people at the company who do, but my personal experience with them up until we started picking them up was playing Raiden II in a bowling alley arcade when I was a kid.

My impression of shmups was that it was a niche, hardcore gamers game. They have complex scoring systems, require tons of memorization, and quick reactions.

There is so much going on right now.

There is so much going on right now.

But, being that I have to talk about these games pretty often, I obviously needed to play these. It’s an interesting thing to face, most people don’t have to play games that are outside of their normal comfort zone. And in the end, I learned one thing:

Shmups are an excellent genre of game for every skill level. They can be enjoyed by casual players, hardcores, or anyone in between.

My journey with our shmup games started soon after I was put on our Degica Games social media (before that, I was handling only the RPG Maker social media). We had several shmups coming up with the Triangle Service Collection. I played each of them for about 30 minutes, and one hooked me in. Shmups Skill Test. I also enjoyed the others, and played TRIZEAL quite a lot as well, but Skill Test triggered something special.

Empty. Cans. Go. In. The. Trash.

Empty. Cans. Go. In. The. Trash.

This game shows the perfect reason that you don’t have to be a hardcore player to enjoy shmups: You can pick it up, play for about 10 minutes, and put it down. It is just a collection of shmup minigames one after another, and then it gives you an age score. After a while, I found that I’d started using it to clear my head between different tasks at work.

In fact, I just played a quick round of another shmup between this sentence and the last.

… And again.


I really should actually do my work…

I don’t know all the scoring systems (well I’ve learned a bit about some just to help with the social media), I don’t know all the inner workings of how to maximize points in every part of the game. What I do know, is that it is a lot of fun to run and gun and see how far I can get.

It is the quintessential arcade experience, something that has been somewhat abandoned in video games as time has gone on. It is the type of game that you can learn in a couple of minutes, and it challenges you, you enjoy yourself, and in 10-30 minutes (depending on how good you get) you are ready to try again.

I always feel like I can get just a little bit farther. Just a little bit higher score. I know my scores don’t compare to the people who play these games all the time, but just beating my last score is exciting.

Just a week ago, I was only hitting 3mil.

Just a week ago, I was only hitting 3mil.

And the high skill ceiling means it will be a long time before I run out of room to improve. So I can continue to enjoy the games from time to time, and I will probably never feel like it is a breeze.

Shmups are just fun. They are a fun challenge. Don’t think you have to be competitive on online leaderboards, or even be able to do a 1 credit clear to enjoy the genre. You don’t even have to understand the nuances of scoring. All you need is to have fun trying to do better than you did the last time.

Pick up a Shmup. Have fun. Shmups are a niche genre that can still be enjoyed by anyone.


CAVE Strategy Sessions: Mushihimesama Part II – Modes


Welcome back to CAVE Strategy Sessions! Last time, we looked at the basic mechanics of Mushihimesama. In Part II, Per “pestro87” Strand & Luke “Aquas” Schirmer give us an overview of the various modes you can select to play.

Let’s jump right in!



First arcade release of the game. In 1.0 the difficulty/rank will scale relative to how long you have survived.


The counters are displayed on top of Reco. The basic strategy for score is to point-blank the enemies with the C shot. It is also beneficial to point-blank while the enemies are slightly off-screen and invulnerable as each hit adds to the overall counter so you can get a few extra counter increments that way. The overall counter increases when you destroy enemies.


More difficult than Original with more bullets and changed bullet patterns. The overall counter is displayed on the left hand side of the screen and the enemy specific counters are displayed on top of each enemy. If you are playing for score then you need to follow a rhythmic approach to optimizing the counter resets as outlined previously in the last article about the counters. The overall counter will start to deplete within a relatively short time-frame after you don’t hit any enemies with your shot. On top of that the counter will deplete rather quickly so it is important to strategically plan your routes on many sections in order to maintain a healthy counter.


Expands upon Maniac while increasing the difficulty even further. In addition to that there is a True Last Boss (TLB) that appears after the Stage 5 boss if you manage to clear the entire game without using continues.



Version 1.5 features the following changes compared to 1.0:

  • New OST by Ryu Umemoto
  • Background palette changes
  • Gems will move towards you if you hold down A
  • Each mode is now accompanied by a MAX version which will start you off at max fire power but the bullet patterns are more difficult- You start with two options (set to Formation) on no-MAX difficulties
  • Shooting enemies with the C shot at point blank range generates gems
  • Enemies have a longer invincibility period when they are entering the screen. This is useful if you are playing for score as you can bump up the counter and generate gems during this period if you point-blank with C shot
  • The overall counter increases faster
  • It takes longer for the overall counter to start depleting if you do not hit any enemies with your shot your on Maniac and Ultra
  • The overall counter depletes slower on Maniac and Ultra

On no-MAX the rank will scale relative to how long you have survived, just like in 1.0 but not on the MAX difficulties. More on this later.

On MAX difficulties you start out with one bomb as opposed to three but it has auto-bomb which means that if you get hit while you have any bomb in stock, your stock will deplete to zero but a bomb will be dropped.


Much easier than 1.0 Original with slower bullets but Original MAX can be vicious with fast bullet patterns if you play for score since the speed of the bullets are dictated by how high your overall counter is. The bullet patterns are less dense than on Maniac but the size of the bullets are larger. The basic strategy for score is to point-blank all enemies using the red shot type. Each shot at point-blank range will generate large gems and add a lot to your overall counter.


No-MAX remains largely the same in terms of difficulty compared to 1.0. Maniac MAX ups the difficulty from no-MAX but the rank does not increase when the overall counter increases. There is also no survival rank on Maniac MAX. Since the counter is more lenient on 1.5 Maniac compared to 1.0 Maniac, the required routing to maintain the overall counter value is less strict.


Similar to Maniac 1.5 in that no-MAX retains the same difficulty as 1.0 and Ultra MAX ups the difficulty but retains a constant rank. Ultra MAX gets especially hairy during the later stages.



The PC/360 Arrange Mode in Mushihimesama features:

  • New OST by various composers from Basiscape
  • One available mode only. Difficulty-wise it re-uses the bullet patterns from Maniac but tones down the speed on them. The TLB also appears after the Stage 5 boss if you don’t use any continues but the difficulty of the final pattern of the TLB has also been decreased
  • The maximum amount of options has been increased to 6 compared to 4 in 1.0 and 1.5
  • You start with maximum fire-power and 6 beetles
  • You start with a 30k counter unlike in the PS2 Arrange Mode
  • The entire bomb stock will deplete if you get hit just like in 1.5 MAX. This is also different from the PS2 Arrange Mode
  • The shot counter is displayed on top of each enemy in a larger font compared to 1.0 or 1.5
  • You can switch shot type by pressing D
  • Rank increases the longer you survive
  • Uses the same colour palette as 1.0

If you are playing for score you want to point-blank as many enemies as possible with A using either the Blue shot or the Green shot. You want to use the Blue shot on the bosses and the first two stages and the green shot on the last three stages. It is worth noting that the increased firepower also means that it’s easier to get gaps in the waves of enemies if you just hold down A or C. This can hurt your score as the overall counter will start to decrease during longer gaps. On Stage 3 it’s recommended to control the damage output by tapping A in order to maintain the overall counter value.

And that covers all of the play modes for Mushihimesama! In next week’s post, we’ll start looking at the individual stages, so be on the look out!

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Earlier today in Japan at the Tokyo Game Show, or possibly late last night for some of us who watched on Stream, Taito and G.Rev took to the stage with Tokyo Otaku Mode to discuss the exciting future of DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors!

The first bit of news, which will answer the question of why G.Rev was there, is that development on the game has been handed from Pyramid, who did a wonderful job with the game’s release, to G.Rev,  whose game Strania is making its own splash on Steam.

G.Rev had already been working on DLC for DARIUSBURST: CS, so you know the game is in good hands and that they can hit the ground running.

Speaking of New DLC, Taito and G.Rev also announced the next two set of packs to follow up on the previous Taito and SEGA sets!

In collaboration with one of our other favorite shmup developers, the next set of DLCs will feature “ships” hailing from 3 games made by CAVE!


  • DoDonPachi Resurrection
  • Deathsmiles
  • Ketsui

And following up after that, DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors will team up with iconic shmup dev 8ing for a set of 3 more DLC featuring their games!


  • Mahoudaisakusen/Sorcer Striker
  • Soukyugurentai/Terra Diver

All 6 DLC will be available on Steam, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita.

But that wasn’t the end of the news that Taito and G.Rev had for us! They also announced that a PHYSICAL version of DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors will be coming out, in both a standard, and a limited edition that will contain the soundtrack, and several other goodies to still be determined.

New Dev, More DLC, and even a Physical Release! Which are you most excited about?



CAVE Strategy Sessions: Mushihimesama Part I – The Basics


Welcome to the first article in our CAVE Strategy Sessions series! This series will feature strategy articles on our CAVE games, written by the people who know scoring tricks the best: The fans who score those obscene scores on the leaderboards!

Our first run of articles will be focused on Mushihimesama and has been written by Per “pestro87” Strand & Luke “Aquas” Schirmer! Through 5 articles, they will walk you through how to change your score from acceptable to fantastic. So let’s get started with our first article: The Base Mechanics.

Basic mechanics



Unlike many other CAVE shooters there is only one character/ship that can be selected in Mushihimesama, Reco. However, there are three different shot types that you can choose from. Your shot type can also be changed in-game by picking up the Shot item while it is displaying a different shot type.


A – laser

Shoots a laser and slows you down. Holding down A will display a hitbox on Reco which can be helpful while navigating dense bullet patterns. Your options will also be retracted while you hold down A. The laser does not start immediately. It starts after you have held down the button for a short amount of time.

B – bomb

Drops a bomb while depleting one unit from your bomb stock. The bomb stock is denoted in the bottom section of the HUD. The bomb will clear all bullets from the screen and you will be invincible while the bomb is active.

C – full auto

Fires a wider and weaker shot but doesn’t slow you down. Useful on weaker enemies (aka. popcorn enemies) and whenever you need to do dodge bullets quickly. Holding down C is essentially the same as rapidly tapping A since it’s an auto version of the first part of the A attack before the laser comes out.

D – switches shot type (exclusive to Arrange Mode)

QUICK TIP: Holding down A and C (or tapping A while holding down C) will do more damage at close range than just holding down either A or C.


You may notice as you grab the Option powerup that an additional beetle will fly alongside you and fire whenever you fire. These beetles are referred to as your options. Your options can either be set to Trace or Formation which dictates the behaviour of the options. Trace makes the options tail behind you, shadowing your movements. Formation aligns the options on a perpendicular line.

TRIVIA: the term “options” comes from Gradius


As you destroy enemies they release yellow gems. When you destroy certain larger enemies all of the bullets on the screen will cancel into gems. Enemies will also leave gems on the ground. In 1.5 the gems on the ground will move towards you if you hold down A (laser).



  • Black box – Overall counter
  • Blue box – Shot counter
  • Red box – Laser counters

Overall Counter

On the upper left section of the screen, you’ll notice a counter that goes up as you destroy enemies. This counter can be referred to as the overall counter. This counter acts as a score multiplier. The overall counter will start to decrease if you don’t shoot enemies for a certain amount of time and as such it is important that you strategically time your attacks so that there aren’t long gaps in between the waves of enemies.

Enemy-specific Counters

On the larger enemies, you will see another counter appear on top of them. This counter dictates how fast the overall counter increases. The superplay DVD Mushihimesama: The Secret Lover refers to this counter as the “shot counter”. This counter can be accompanied by a series of smaller counters above it. The smaller counters are referred to as “laser counters” on the DVD. The shot counter will flash red when the counter resets, at that time the overall counter will be set to the laser counter values plus the shot counter value.

The laser counters will be white at first and eventually turn to red as you damage the enemy. High-level scoring tricks involve bumping up the laser counters to a really high value by precision tapping of the A button which, if timed correctly, optimizes the intervals of the shot counter resets. By not maintaining a constant shot the counter will drop in value a bit but a perfectly timed shot after that will then bump it up by a significant amount. This will make the counter increase faster than if you just held down A or C.

Once the enemy is close to being destroyed, the laser counters will turn red. At this point, you want to cash in on the values by rapidly tapping C. Doing this will rapidly trigger the counter resets which means that the laser counter will turn red more often which will then add massive amounts to your overall counter.

Mastering the enemy specific counters is an integral part of high-level scoring in 1.0 Maniac and 1.5 Maniac. In the options menu, you will find a section for controls where you can tweak the auto-fire settings. This can be very helpful since the timings for the resets are strict.

The ideal auto-fire settings for 1.5 Maniac are A (from 2/12 to 2/13) and C (from 1/4 to 1/5) where the optimal values vary between the stages. On 1.0 Maniac you want to have slightly faster auto-fire rates.

This may all sound very complicated but, in reality, you just need to hold down A (with ideal auto-fire) until the laser counter turns red and then hold down C (with ideal auto-fire). However, optimizing the shot counter increments after the resets and prolonging the period of the red laser counters by controlling the damage that you do to the enemies opens up immense depth.


There are two score based extends. Once you reach the score threshold for each extend, you will receive a 1up.

Shot types


  • W Red – Wide shot – Slow movement speed
  • M Green – Normal shot – Medium movement speed
  • S Blue – Focused shot – Fast movement speed


Red is the ideal shot type if you are aiming for a high score in 1.0 or 1.5 but it’s more difficult from a survival perspective due to the slow movement speed. The wider shot also results in longer boss battles. For newcomers and people who are mainly interested in a 1CC (clearing the game without using continues) the Green or Blue shot is recommended for 1.0 or 1.5. In Arrange Mode, it is recommended to use the Blue shot on the bosses and on Stage 1 and 2 and the Green shot on Stages 3, 4 and 5 if you are aiming for a high score due to how the counter works on Arrange Mode. Red shot can also be useful in Stage 3 to keep the counter from dropping.


There are four types of items in the game:



Gives you a 1up. The item is located on Stage 3 right before the boss. You can make the item appear by destroying all parts on both arms of the insect before destroying the body. If you manage to do that and destroy the main body without using a bomb then the 1up will appear.



Adds an extra bomb to your bomb stock. Appears right before the boss on each stage except for on Stage 3 where it appears a bit before the boss.



Powers up your shot and can also be used to switch shot type. By default, this item will be the same shot type that you selected when you started your run but there is a visual timer on the item. As this timer reaches zero, the item will switch to the next shot type. As it reaches the last shot type, it will circle back to the original type. You will switch to the shot type that the item displays when you pick it up.



Adds another beetle to your options and can also be used to change your option formation. The maximum amount of beetles varies between the modes, you can hold up to 4 beetles in 1.0 and 1.5 and 6 beetles in Arrange. As the timer reaches zero on the item it will toggle between Formation and Trace.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good grasp of the basics of the way the game plays. Next time, we’ll look at some of the details of the specific modes you can choose to play!


Koihime Enbu Tournament at Anime Weekend Atlanta!


Degica Games is heading to Atlanta at the end of this month to be a part of the amazing Anime Weekend Atlanta September 29th-October 2nd!

Not only will various Degica Games be Free to Play all weekend for all AWA Attendees, we’ve teamed up with the AWA Video Gaming Department and Hori USA to bring you a stellar free to enter Koihime Enbu Tournament!


Drop by CGC Room 107 in the Cobb Galleria during Free Play time to play Koihime Enbu, the footsie based fighter based on the Koihime Muso visual novel, or a selection of other games, then return Saturday for the tournament and try your skill against all comers!

Everyone who enters receives a free Koihime Enbu Poster!

We’ve also worked together with our friends at Studio Saizensen to bring their fighting game Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena to Anime Weekend Atlanta as well! Blade Arcus will also be available in Room 107 free to play, and will have its own Tournament as well!

bladearcusBased on characters from the Shining series by Sega, Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena features a solid and fun cast of fighters. Make sure to get your practice in for the Friday tournament!

Won’t be in Atlanta? Don’t worry, we are also participating in CEOtaku in Orlando the same weekend!


Degica Games is proud to be sponsoring a great event like CEOtaku!

CEOtaku will feature its own Koihime Enbu tournament, and to help sweeten the prizes, we’ve donated $200 to the pot!

Staying at home? You will be able to catch all the action at CEOtaku live on stream! You can keep an eye out for the stream schedule on their site here.

Do you know of any Fighting Game events near you? We are looking for more opportunities to see Koihime Enbu tournaments around the world! If you want to see Koihime Enbu at YOUR event, be sure to contact us!


Steam Shmups Sale: Last Chance For Amazing Deals


Your chance to get great deals on Degica Games in the Steam’s Shmup Sale is winding down!

With less than 24 hours left to go, you need to act now to make sure you get a great price on the following games and more!


In RefRain -prism memories-, delve into Cyberpunk hacking using your shmup skills to infiltrate the M.R.S. Computer Network. Each heroine has their own reason and their own unique craft!

Refrain features beautiful and challenging bullet patterns and a unique cycle of gameplay mechanics to keep you constantly on the attack.


You can get this excellent Bullet Hell shooter for 25% off, but time is running out!


The sale also features two fantastic games from renowned Japanese Shmup developer CAVE Interactive!

Mushihimesama and Deathsmiles both feature something a bit different from your standard pilot in a ship.

In Deathsmiles, you’ll pick from five gothic lolitas with magical powers to fight off a horde of fantasy monsters in the parallel world of Gilverado!

In Mushihimesama, play as Reco, the bug princess, riding your golden beetle to fight insect enemies and save your village!


Both games feature CAVE’s devotion stellar presentation and exceptional gameplay. At 66% off for Mushihimesama, and 50% off on Deathsmiles, you can enjoy either, or both, without hurting your wallet!


At 40% off, you can grab JUDGEMENT SILVERSWORD -Resurrection- for only $2.99!

With both JUDGEMENT SILVERSWORD and its sequel Cardinal Sins, -Resurrection- gives you two great games to play for a low low price.

JUDGEMENT SILVERSWORD features a breakneck speed, with high scores given to those who can take out the enemies as fast as possible.

Then in the sequel, Cardinal Sins, it is time to find out what you do when faced with the Seven Deadly Sins. You shoot them of course.


The clock is ticking, so rush to get this pair of frenetic shooters today!

You have until September 5th, 10AM Pacific to get these discounts. That isn’t much time! Head over to Steam NOW to see the entire sale!


Steam Shmups Sale: Historic Deals, New Bundles, and Contest!


Today is the beginning of Steam’s Shmup Sale, and Degica Games has plenty of games on offer for deep discounts.

On top of big discounts, we also have new bundles, demos, contests, and more!


Toshiaki Fujino is one of the best when it comes to making shmups, and not only are all of the Triangle Service games on Steam in the sale, we have a brand new bundle that has ALL of them in one go with the Triangle Service Shmups Collection!

You can also get the brand new Shooting Love 20XX Collection, which includes Minus Zero, Shmups Skill Test, TRIZEAL Remix, and EXZEAL!

But that’s not all. The bundles also include all of the fantastic soundtracks for the included games as well.


With 6 great games at one low price, you’ll have weeks of gameplay ahead of you, so check out the Triangle Service Shmups Collection and Shooting Love 20XX on Steam today!


We also have an amazing deal on the legendary DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors!

The latest in Taito’s Darius series, DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors pits your piloting skills against the Belsar, vicious aquatic themed mechanical enemies. Tackle the game alone or with up to 3 friends!

For the first time ever, DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors will be 50% OFF!


Pick it up today at the lowest price ever, and enjoy DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviors on a super widescreen display, just like in the Arcade!


In Eschatos, based in a captured Moon base, an alien force is coming for earth, and the only thing that can stop it is you, and your advanced space fighter.

Brought to you by Qute, this shmup makes balancing your offense and defense the key to winning, with a focus on enemy movement patterns unlike anything else out right now. Want a taste of Eschatos?

Then pick up the Eschatos Free Demo, released just in time to test it out before buying it for 50% OFF in the sale!


Think you have what it takes to defend the planet from the vicious alien attack, beat them back to lunar orbit, and cleanse the moon of their presence? Join in the

ESCHATOS Score Attack Contest!


See if you can be the best of the best. Compete for fantastic prizes. Fight back the Alien menace!

This sale lasts until September 5th, 10AM Pacific, so don’t miss out on your chance to pick up these, or one of many other excellent Shmup games! Head over to Steam to see the entire sale!


Last Chance: Humble Store Degica Sale!


You have less than one day left to take advantage of the amazing deals in the Humble Store Weekly Sale!


A barrage of bullets and lasers, Crimzon Clover:World Ignition from indie developer YOTSUBANE has been hailed as one of the greatest bullet hells of all time.

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Code of Princess by Studio Saizensen is a perfect blend of RPG and combo heavy Beat’em Up gameplay. Defeat your enemies with quick combos, then use the experience and equipment to customize your characters’ stats to create the fighter you want to play!

At $11.99, this is a game that will give you hours and hours of fun!


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